Codex Gamicus


The game includes all of the characters from the GameCube version of Deception, and four more characters from Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance that are exclusive to the PSP system:

  • Blaze - An Outworld elemental who was captured to incubate the means of Onaga's return, but is now free to pursue his own quest: to monitor the realms' companions and prepare for Armageddon, should they grow too powerful.
  • Frost - Sub-Zero's traitorous disciple who revived after her own freezing ability appeared to kill her.
  • Jax - Soldier of the Outer World Investigation Agency who fell in battle, and revived to serve Onaga.
  • Kitana - Princess of Edenia who was killed in battle and revived to serve Onaga; appears to be fully aware - if not in control - of her actions.

An Endurance mode was an exclusive new feature in the PlayStation Portable version, where players can compete against a constant wave of opponents. Also, the PSP's Wireless Ad-hoc functionality could be used for Multiplayer games.