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Mr. Heli, fully titled in Japan as Mr. Heli no Daibōken (Mr.HELIの大冒険?, lit. "Mr. Heli's Great Adventure") and known in North America as Battle Chopper, is a 1987 horizontally-scrolling shoot 'em up arcade game developed and published by Irem.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

File:Battle Chopper.png
Screenshot of Mr. Heli (arcade version)

Players control a wacky fighter chopper name Mr. Heli, while shooting enemies, collecting power-ups, and defeating bosses to advance levels.

Ports and related releases[edit | edit source]

File:Mr. Heli Coverart.png
Front cover of the Amiga version.

Mr. Heli was later ported by now-defunct Firebird for the Commodore 64, Amiga, Amstrad CPC, ZX Spectrum and Atari ST. Mr. Heli was also ported by Irem for the PC Engine exclusively in Japan. This version was also re-released for the Wii Virtual Console on March 18, 2008 only in Japan.

Mr. Heli later appeared in the Japan-only Game Boy title, Shuyaku Sentai Irem Fighter along with other characters from the game, as well as characters from three other Irem franchises: R-Type, Ninja Spirit and Hammerin' Harry. Mr. Heli was mentioned in one of the billboards seen in the final stage of Vigilante, also by Irem. Mr. Heli also appeared in R-Type Final as a playable ship.

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