Codex Gamicus

MySims is a Simulation game for the Wii as well as the Nintendo DS. Unlike other Sims games, there is no needs like social or bladder. The object of the game is that your sim has moved into the town and finds out the whole town is vacant. You take the role as a house builder and build houses for different Sims depending on their likes and dislikes. When you first move in there is only City Hall and the Hotel. Mayor Rosayln explains about what has happened and that she needs your help to get this back to a rich, promising town. Like other Sims games, you control what the character does. There are many options for your Sim to do. You can chat with townsfolk or splash in the fountain.

Instead of buying items you possess the ability to build what you want when you want in you own personal workshop. This game has no money what so ever so all your items come from you workshop which is located near your house. The main items you possess are called Essences. You can find these all around the town and they are what you use to paint and create colorful furniture.The game plays on a day-night cycle. New arrivals appear everyday at the Hotel.


Commercial Sims[]

Many characters come and they ask you to do tasks to improve their house/shop. These characters are called Commercial Sims. On some tasks they give you blueprints or collectibles to enrich your life. As your progress through the game you earn a rating on how well your town is doing. Every new level grants you the use of a tool which grants you access to new areas and vacant houses.

Townie Sims[]

These Sims want you to build them a house based on what they like. Once moved in, if they are missing something such as a bed, they will ask you to help them. They don't provide tasks and if you become their best friend they will give you a blueprint.

Uber Townies[]

When your town reach 100% in any Interest a special arrival will appear at the hotel. If you become best friends with them, it unlocks their costume and hat as well as special blueprints. There are 6 different Uber Sims, one for each essence type. 100% Cute = Hopper; 100% Fun = Amazing Daryl; 100% Geeky = Star; 100% Spooky = Mel the Mummy; 100% Studious = Samurai Bob; 100% Tasty = Chancellor Ikara.

List of Commercial Sims[]

  • Mayor Rosalyn P. Marshall
  • Buddy the Bellhop
  • Poppy
  • Chef Gino Delicioso
  • Dj Candy Supergroove
  • Sir Vincent Skullfinder
  • Ms. Nicole Vogue
  • Vic Vector
  • Roxie Road
  • Elmira Clamp
  • Shirley Vogue
  • Goth Boy
  • Master Aran
  • Dolly Dearheart
  • Chef Wantanabe
  • Madame Zoe
  • Trevor Verily
  • Professor Nova
  • Dr.F
  • Cap'n Ginny