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Scene from City of Heroes, V2 #11

Real name Katherine Stevens
Status Active
Affiliations Vindicators
Previous affiliations
Notable powers Claws, Super Reflexes
Notes The wild child.

Mynx is one of the signature heroes in City of Heroes, and the most famous catgirl in Paragon City.

History[edit | edit source]

Mynx has an origin very similar to Synapse's. While attending Paragon City University, she signed up for a Crey project for some extra cash. After discovering her lack of family and close friends, they tested a serum on her that gave her several feline features. In a very Wolverine-like fashion, she went feral and slashed her way out of the lab.

After surviving on the streets through petty theft, she was discovered in Steel Canyon by Synapse. He gave her a second chance and took her on as his sidekick, for which she is very grateful. However, she is still very undisciplined and at times barely in control of her animal side.

In-Game[edit | edit source]

Mynx is the trainer for Skyway City, standing near her former mentor. She will also appear in The Rogue Isles to help out Longbow.