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NCAA Football 2004 is an American football video game released in 2003 by Tiburon. The player on the cover is former USC quarterback and current Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Carson Palmer. The game is available for play with the N-Gage. Commentators are Brad Nessler, Kirk Herbstreit and Lee Corso.


Gameplay is similar to NCAA Football 2003, but with updated player stats and rosters. Players have their jersey number and position as their names in the game, however the user can name the players their real-life names or other names if they so choose. The player can also create their own college for gameplay in the game or Dynasty Mode. If the player names the school after one of the schools in the game, the announcers will announce it in the game and its fight song will be played. For instance, if the player's created school has Florida in its title, players will do the Gator Chomp after touchdowns and the Gators fight song will play after scores and in the menus.

Box highlights[]

  • NCAA tradition come alive
  • Wide open gameplay
  • Battle Rivals Online
  • Old School Players and Uniforms


  • Play calling
  • Running Controls
  • Passing controls
  • Running the Option
  • Special Teams

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