Codex Gamicus
NES Max.jpg
Creator Nintendo
System Nintendo Entertainment System
Supported games All Nintendo Entertainment System games
Release date
Inputs Joystick
Start Button
Select Button
A Button
B Button
A Turbo Button
B Turbo Button

The NES Max was a controller that was released by Nintendo for the NES in 1988. Like many later controllers, it has "wings": handles that extend from the edges of the pad, making it more comfortable to hold.

Unlike the standard NES controller, the Max has a small button-shaped item called a cycloid, that can be moved in directions for movement. It functions similar to a joystick, however, it lacks analog response. The cycloid can be moved by the player's thumb. However, the area for the cycloid is very small, and the contours of the 'button' can cause discomfort to the bottom of the player's thumb after extended play. If the player opts for more traditional control, the cycloid area is surrounded by an 8-way control pad ring. The controller is smaller in width than a regular controller and is slightly thinner.

It also features turbo "A" and "B" buttons in addition to the standard buttons.

The Max's official Nintendo part number is NES-027.