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8,800 (2014)

NVIDIA is an American technology company that primarily creates graphics processing units (GPUs), notably for gaming, although their GPUs are also used in industry and well as general usage.

NVIDIA's core trademark is the GeForce series of graphics cards (available both in mobile as well as desktop varieties); the processing power available to industry is provided under the Quattro series of cards. The GeForce series is in direct competition with Advanced Micro Devices' Radeon series of graphics cards.


NVIDIA has made some notable acquisitions of companies in it's corporate history; two of the more obvious acquisitions have been 3dfx, who created the Voodoo series of graphics cards (and from whom NVIDIA obtained the SLI trademark), and Ageia, who at the time were custodians of the PhysX physics engine thanks to their own acquisition of Novodex.

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