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Namco Bandai Holdings, Inc. is a Japanese holdings company formed from the merger between game publisher Namco and toy maker Bandai. Its games division is known as Namco Bandai Games (originally Namco, as well as Bandai Games), however the entire corporation is seen as the publisher. Also the logo has seen some criticism, but only because the name Bandai is above Namco. The reason for the criticism is that it misleads the name of the company to be pronounced Bandai Namco but it is actually Namco Bandai. Namco Bandai is seen as one of the better mergers due to some being hated (example is SEGA Sammy Holdings). Namco Bandai also owns anime maker Sunrise, along with Namco (which operates its amasuement facilities) and Bandai (which operates toy manufacturing. Namco Bandai also owns Bandai Visual, Bandai Entertainment, and Bandai Channel. They also recently purchased 95% of D3 Publisher which publishes and develops video games. They also purchase Atari Australia and changed its name to Namco Bandai Partners. Banpresto is owned by Namco Bandai, as well as Namco Tales Studio. They along with Sony started a company to help regain momentum for Sony, called Cellius.

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