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The Namco System 11 is an arcade system board released by Namco in 1994. The actual hardware is based on the Sony PlayStation, and thus many games were ported to that console. The major difference between the two is that the System 11 used surface-mounted ROM chips to store the game data, whereas the PlayStation used CDs. This meant that all System 11 games were unique to the particular system board, and could not be swapped out with another game.

System 11 was succeeded by the System 12 design.

System 11 specifications[]


  • Main CPU: MIPS R3000A 32 bit RISC processor, Clock - 33.8688 MHz, Operating performance - 30 MIPS, Instruction Cache - 4KB
  • BUS: 132 MB/s.
  • OS ROM: 512 Kilobytes
  • Sound CPU: Namco C76 (Mitsubishi M37702)
  • Sound chip: Namco C352
  • Main RAM: 2 MB
  • Video VRAM: 2 MB
  • Sound RAM: 512 kB
  • Graphical Processor: 360,000 polygons/s, sprite/BG drawing, Adjustable framebuffer, No line restriction, 4,000 8x8 pixel sprites with individual scaling and rotation, Simultaneous backgrounds (parallax scrolling)
  • Sprite Effects: Rotation, Scaling up/down, Warping, Transparency, Fading, Priority, Vertical and horizontal line scroll
  • Resolution: 256x224 - 640x480
  • Colours: 16.7 million colors, Unlimited CLUTs (Color Look-Up Tables)
  • Other Features: custom geometry engine, custom polygon engine, MJPEG decoder

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