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The Namco System 357 is an arcade system board based on the Sony PlayStation 3. It was released in 2007 as the board for Tekken 6.[1] Unlike its predecessor, it has not yet seen widespread adoption by other manufacturers.


  • CPU: Cell Broadband Engine consisting of one 3.2 GHz PowerPC-based Power Processing Element (PPE) and six Synergistic Processing Elements (SPEs).
  • System memory: 256MB Rambus XDR DRAM RAM
  • Graphics: NVIDIA G70 based RSX 'Reality Synthesizer' with 256MB GDDR3 RAM
  • Media: internal HDD used for storage of games.
  • UI: Sony XMB[2]
  • Blu-ray disc drive

Much like the Playstation 3, System 357 games use Blu-ray discs rather than standard DVDs for games (even though all games come installed on the HDD).

List of System 357 Games[]


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