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Neo Geo Pocket

The Neo Geo Pocket was SNK's first hand held video game system, released in Japan in late 1998. However lower than expected sales resulted in its discontinuation in 1999, and was immediately succeeded by the Neo Geo Pocket Color. The system only had a retail release within the Japan and Hong Kong market.

Though the system enjoyed only a short life, there were some significant games released on the system such as Samurai Shodown, and King of Fighters R-1. The entire Neo Geo Pocket game library included: Melan Chan's Growth Diary, Puzzle Link, Pocket Tennis, Neo Cup 98, Neo Cup 98 plus, King of Fighters, Samurai Shodown, Master of Syougi, Neo Cherry Master, Baseball Stars.

The Neo Geo Pocket is mostly forward compatible, meaning it can play the majority of the newer color games. There are, however, notable exceptions such as Sonic the Hedgehog Pocket Adventure and SNK vs. Capcom: Match Of The Millennium. The newer Neo Geo Pocket Color is fully backward compatible and can play all games released for the Neo Geo Pocket.