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Nibris is a video game development company located in Krakow, Poland who has said that they will solely develop games for Nintendo systems. Although Nibris has an official website, their main form of communication is through the messageboards of several websites including Cubed³ [2], IGN [3], and GameSpot [4], under the username "nibris".

Development history[]

Nibris maintain that they have Wii and Nintendo DS development kits, and have gradually released screenshots and a gameplay trailer of the DS version of ROTR. Other games also under development include Sadness, the first actual footage of which was released on 21 August 2008 after being rumored as vaporware for a long time. Before that, only artwork and a video based on the game's themes and storyline existed. Nibris previously had signed a deal with FRONTLINE Studios to co-produce Sadness. However, on 17 March 2007, the two companies parted ways due to "artistic differences" and are now in talks with Digital Amigos to publish the game.

As of March 25, 2008, Nibris has handed over Double Bloob and ROTR (two projects originally announced for the DS and WiiWare) to a subsidiary of Nibris called 'Bloober Team' [5] to solely focus on Sadness.[1] [2]

Double Bloob[]

Double Bloob is an upcoming title for the Nintendo DS to be developed by Nibris.[3] As of March 25, 2008, Nibris has handed over Double Bloob and ROTR to the 'Blobber Team'.[4]


The main character of the game is an Iraq war veteran by the name of David McBride, who accidentally discovers the top-secret plans of Molayarius. Molayarius are an evil cult who plan to summon the demon Baphomet into the world. Playing as McBride, the player must engage in 10 levels of intense air combat and try to ruin these plans. As the player is hurled across time and to various locations across the globe, the player will be led by the mysterious and deadly Anna Stolarczyk, who will help you in this quest.

The mission in most levels is to destroy a temple and sundial in each area or time period, while avoiding the constant attack from enemy forces. These forces, however, will not be the only problems the player will face. Certain levels have environmental challenges against you; in one level, for example, you must fly with the compromise of a blinding sun. Another sees you piloting in thunder and hail, while an earlier mission features a meteor storm.

This version of the game is currently in development. It has a different campaign than the Wii version, and will be the first game in the series released, with the Wii sequel arriving after Sadness. It is being refined by a separate team within NIBRIS, who have released screenshots of the game, and a short trailer [6] which discloses some information regarding the game. A press announcement [7], has also revealed further information.

The game will contain six campaigns, each with several missions. Six different vehicles can be controlled, in six different time dimensions. The game will also include extensive weaponry, with special attacks taking advantage of the special features of the Nintendo DS. 3D graphics will be displayed on both screens, and hidden missions, vehicles and bonuses will be hidden in the game. The storyline is said to be extensive and intriguing, with multiple threads, and will be set in hundreds of dimensions. The game will also make use of the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. [8]

Bloober Team expresses interest for Nintendo's DSiWare service by considering a DSiWare version of ROTR for the service No details are currently known.

A variety of different air-units available to pilot in the game have been shown, including fighter planes, helicopters and even Leonardo Da Vinci's flying machine.

There are rumors that the DS version will wirelessly link up to the Wii version when it is released. Although no such claim had been yet verified.


According to Nibris head Piotr Orłowski, "The scenario will have associations with narcolepsy, nyctophobia and paranoid schizophrenia. The scenario will surprise you." According to Nibris' website, Sadness will take place on the verge of the 20th Century, in Russia.[5]

Frontline Studios had previously signed a deal to co-produce Sadness. However, as of March 17, 2007, the companies parted ways due to "artistic differences".

In early July 2008, Nibris relaunched their website, confirming in the FAQ section that Sadness is still in development with a projected release date of Autumn 2009.[6] However, this did not occur.

Set in pre-WWI Eastern Europe, Sadness follows the story of Maria, a Victorian era aristocrat who has to protect her blind son Alexander after their train derails in the countryside. Their subsequent adventures are based on Slavic legends. It also has a boss level where you battle an evil monster called, "Urrmaum," a creature known to have been around since dinosaurs.

According to an interview with IGN,[7] the game is meant to scare the player by atmosphere and not by violence. Various actions include slitting the throat of enemies with glass or throwing a rope over a wall using the similar motion with the controller. Nibris also stated that the game will have a special way to save progress. This will happen automatically, at specific moments unknown to the player. Piotr Bielatowicz, a game designer for Sadness, stated "We are aiming at completely intuitive behaviour of the player - just as in life. Every choice a player makes is essential - if you experience traumatic events in your life, they are with you all the time. This will be the same in Sadness. We want the player to feel that he is participating in events, not merely playing a game."

Visually the game is to be a black-and-white stylized gothic horror.[8] On April 10, 2006, Nibris released a video trailer "based-on" Sadness.[9] Nibris announced that a trailer would be revealed with in-game footage before the end of 2007.[10] However, no such trailer was released. Three in-game screenshots have been released on Nibris' official Sadness page [11] as well as the announcement that Sadness would be using the Gamebryo middleware engine for Wii [12]

Due to the lack of actual in-game footage, sources on the Internet have started to label Sadness as pure vaporware. For instance, the well-known website Destructoid chose to stop covering it in November 2007 until there was actual proof that a game existed.[13] Nibris tried to address vaporware accusations on several occasions, as happened for instance on the popular videogame blog Kotaku.[14] In early 2008, Nibris promised on their website that they would be present at the 2008 Game Developer's Conference. They did not appear, however, and their website has not been updated since.

As of September 2009, Nibris' marketing partner Fog Studios has stated that both Sadness and Nibris are alive but in need of a publisher.[15]

On April 5, 2010 N-Europe reported that music composer for the game Arkadiusz Reikowskiego confirmed that the game had been abandoned by Nibris and was no longer in the works. Music planned for the game can be heard on his blog.[16]

Announced projects[]

  • Sadness (Wii)
  • The Children of the Night [9] (Nintendo DS)
  • ROTR (Wii, Nintendo DS)
  • Double Bloob [10] (Wii, Nintendo DS)


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