Codex Gamicus
Nintendo 3DS XL
Manufacturer Nintendo
Type Handheld
Release Date July 28, 2012 JP
July 27, 2012 EU
August 19, 2012 NA
August 23, 2012 AU
Media SD Card, Game Card
Save Format save to Game Card/SD Card
Input Options 3D, Voice Recognition Speakers
Special Features Wi-Fi connectivity
Units Sold TBA
Top Selling Game
Variants Nintendo 3DS
Competitor(s) PlayStation Vita
Predecessor Nintendo 3DS (previous model)
Nintendo DS
Successor Nintendo 2DS

The Nintendo 3DS XL is a handheld game console by Nintendo. It has a similar manner to the Nintendo DSi XL. It was rumored that the Nintendo 3DS XL will come with the New Super Mario Bros. 2 video game and was not confirmed. Unlike the Nintendo 3DS, you need to buy an SD Card and an AC adapter which does not come with the system. Battery life is longer than the Nintendo 3DS.

The Nintendo 3DS XL is currently available in several different colors, such as red, blue, black, pink, white and silver. Various bundles are also available, for example with Animal Crossing: New Leaf, Fire Emblem: Awakening, Mario Kart 7, Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate and Super Mario 3D Land.

It is succeeded by the Nintendo 2DS and preceded by the Nintendo DSi.