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Nintendo Software Planning & Development
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R&D Branch, and Subsidiary of Nintendo
September 30, 2003
Various video game titles
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Key People
Yoshio Sakamoto: Manager

Nintendo Software Planning & Development (or SPD) is a research, planning, and development division inside of Nintendo Co., Ltd main central headquarters. The division was created during a corporate restructuring in late 2003 with the abolishment of the old Nintendo R&D1 and Nintendo R&D2 teams. While several of the remaining Nintendo R&D1 designers reside in the division along with a staggered group of former Nintendo R&D2 and Nintendo EAD staff, the programmers and artists consist of a lot of new talent. The group has the task of independently developing small innovative games, assisting other development teams on projects, and managing overseas production of first-party franchises.[1] It is currently split into three separate departments who work concurrently on different projects.[2]

Current Structure of Nintendo SPD[]

Nintendo SPD Group No.1[]

Manager/producer: Yoshio Sakamoto
Responsible for developing titles like the WarioWare series and the Metroid titles on handhelds.

Title Year Platform(s) Director Producer
WarioWare: Twisted!1 2004 GBA Goro Abe Yoshio Sakamoto
WarioWare: Touched!1 2004 NDS Goro Abe Yoshio Sakamoto
WarioWare: Smooth Moves1 2006 Wii Goro Abe Yoshio Sakamoto
Rhythm Tengoku 2006 GBA Kazuyoshi Osawa Yoshio Sakamoto
Kousoku Card Battle: Card Hero 2007 NDS Kazuyoshi Osawa Yoshio Sakamoto
Rhythm Heaven 2008 NDS Kazuyoshi Osawa Yoshio Sakamoto
WarioWare: Snapped!1 2009 DSi Goro Abe Yoshio Sakamoto
WarioWare D.I.Y.1 2009 NDS Goro Abe Yoshio Sakamoto
WarioWare: D.I.Y. Showcase1 2009 WiiWare Goro Abe Yoshio Sakamoto
Friend Collection 2009 NDS Ryutaro Takahashi Yoshio Sakamoto
Metroid: Other M*2 2010 Wii Currently Unknown Yoshio Sakamoto

Nintendo SPD Group No.2[]

Manager/producer: Hitoshi Yamagami
Responsible primarily for first party puzzle games on Nintendo handhelds.

Title Year Platform(s) Director Producer
Brain Age: Train Your Brain in Minutes a Day! 2005 NDS Kouichi Kawamoto Hitoshi Yamagami
Brain Age 2: More Training in Minutes a Day 2005 NDS Hirsohi Honjo, Masaki Tawara Hitoshi Yamagami
Mahjong DS 2005 NDS Masaki Tawara Hitoshi Yamagami
Super Princess Peach1 2005 NDS Akio Imai, Azusa Tajima Hitoshi Yamagami, Yasuhiro Minamimoto
Tetris DS 2006 NDS Masaki Tawara Hitoshi Yamagami
  • 1 Co-produced with TOSE.

Nintendo SPD Group No.3[]

Manager/producer: Kensuke Tanabe
Responsible for overseeing the development of titles by overseas and outhouse teams. Currently overseeing an unknown number of internal and external projects.

Title Year Platform(s) Director Producer
Metroid Prime1 2002 GCN Mark Pacini Kensuke Tanabe
Metroid Prime 2: Echoes1 2004 GCN Mark Pacini Kensuke Tanabe
Battalion Wars2 2005 GCN Kensuke Tanabe
Super Mario Strikers3 2005 GCN Kensuke Tanabe
Geist4 2005 GCN Kensuke Tanabe, Hideki Konno
Metroid Prime Hunters5 2006 NDS Kensuke Tanabe
Mario vs. Donkey Kong 2: March of the Minis5 2006 NDS Kensuke Tanabe
Excite Truck6 2006 Wii Kensuke Tanabe, Keisuke Terasaki
Metroid Prime 3: Corruption1 2007 Wii Mark Pacini Kensuke Tanabe
Battalion Wars 22 2007 Wii Kensuke Tanabe
Mario Strikers Charged3 2007 Wii Kensuke Tanabe
Punch-Out!!3 2009 Wii Kensuke Tanabe
Excitebots: Trick Racing6 2009 Wii Kensuke Tanabe

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