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No Cliché was a French-based game development company who created games for the Dreamcast, lead up by notable French developer Frédérick Raynal. The core team was previously established in Adeline Software International, before being bought by Sega.

No Cliché was best known for its first Dreamcast title, Toy Commander, released in 1999.

In 2000, it produced a multiplayer racing extension under the name of Toy Racer, and helped Raster Productions into coding localisation for the European release of its Dreamcast Quake III Arena port.

In 2001, Sega Europe eventually decided to stop development of many Dreamcast European games, causing the company to cease development on its current project at the time, Agartha, a horror/adventure game.

No Cliché remained together for a little while after the cancellation, attempting to create a PC port of Toy Commander. However, the group split before it could be finished.

No Cliché went quiet, but Adeline Software continued to remain active until they were shut down in 2004. Raynal went on to found a new developer, F4 Toys, which went defunct during the development of their first title, Trium Planeta. He then founded Ludoid, and has also begun working with Ubisoft.



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