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Nobody Saves the World is an action RPG developed and published by DrinkBox Studios (who also developed Guacamelee! 1 + 2). It was released on Steam for Microsoft Windows and for the consoles Xbox One and Xbox Series X & S.

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In this action RPG, players can complete quests to discover and swap between 15+ varied and distinct forms. They can mix and match abilities in different ways to find and complete more difficult quests and unlock more powerful forms. They can also explore in a vast overworld with clearing procedurally generated dungeons in an effort to beat back The Calamity to save the world.

The player controls a character named "Nobody" who possesses a magic wand which allows him to swap into different forms to clear dungeons, solve puzzles, and complete quests.

Player progression and new abilities are obtained exclusively by completing quests, not by defeating monsters. Quests range from “Complete a Dungeon”, to “Poison Baddies”, to “Cheer up a fellow rabbit-lover”.

Moreover, players level up and unlock new forms by completing quests. Each new form has specific strengths and weaknesses and new abilities to experiment with.

They can also customize their forms by equipping abilities from other forms, including mix and match abilities.

As the player become stronger, procedurally generated dungeons will increase in difficulty and complexity.

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