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North Atlantic Treaty Organization
North Atlantic Treaty Organization (orthographic projection).svg
The North Atlantic Treaty Organization, with constituent nations and territories shaded green
Flag of NATO.svg
The official flag of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization
Basic Information

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization is an intergovermental military alliance between the United States, Canada and twenty-eight European nations, formed from the signing of the 1949 North Atlantic Treaty in the aftermath of World War II. In addition to its members, NATO also recognises Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia and Ukraine as aspiring future members.

The first decade of NATO saw the formation of the Warsaw Pact as a direct response to the incorporation of West Germany into NATO, and over time grew into a direct counterpart of the Pact. After the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991, NATO has since re-oriented itself as a peacekeeping force, with inverventions taking place in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, and Libya, as well as being directly involved in the 2001 war in Afghanistan, and serving as instructors for Iraqi security forces during the 2004 Iraq War.


In addition, NATO also has "global partners", which meets to discuss technology exchanges and counter-piracy intiatives. Currently, these partners are Afghanistan, Australia, Iraq, Japan, Mongolia, New Zealand, Pakistan and South Korea