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Noxus is a cold and calculating zealot

Noxus is a member of the Vhozon, a proud and reclusive race that inhabit the outer rim of the galaxy. A spiritual being who walks a harsh, righteous path, Noxus has become a Bounty Hunter to administer justice to the galaxy's criminals and evildoers, to keep the scales of order from tipping into instability and chaos.

Noxus, like his many bounty hunter compatriots, got the message from the Alimbic Cluster about an opportunity to find a source of ultimate power. He's determined to get to it first, to make sure it does not fall into the hands of lawbreakers or the unworthy.

Noxus is from the ice planet Vho, and has the ability to spin around like a top indefinitely. He first appears in Metroid Prime: Hunters.

Other Bounty Hunters[edit | edit source]