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Nyreen Kandros
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Mass Effect 3

Born to a family with a long a honored tradition of military service, Nyreen Kandros left the Turian Military after the emergence of her biotic abilities. Oft-suspicious of biotics, the turians shipped Nyreen of to the Cabal units, where her abilities and experience were grossly underutilized.

After several years as a mercenary, Kandros was drawn to Omega by its reputation as a haven for capable freelancers. Nyreen's early years on Omega were a pivotal time for her. Aria T'Loak took an interest in Kandros, helping her hone her biotic talents while developing her military experience and skills to their full potential. Aria also allowed Nyreen the time she needed to reconcile with her new way of life and her unexpected--and initially unwanted--abilities.

The two eventually parted ways due to irreconcilable differences, but Nyreen Kandros remained on Omega. Upon Aria's return to the station after the Cerberus invasion, Nyreen revealed herself as the leader of the Talons. Reformed under her leadership, the Talons are Omega's newfound symbol of resistance against the Cerberus occupiers.