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OMFG: One Million Fatal Guns is a freeware fast-spaced action roguelike arena first-person shooter game developed by student game team Gun Hit Wonders and published by DigiPen Institute of Technology. It was released on Steam for Microsoft Windows on January 5, 2021.

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This game is a fast-paced and roguelike first person shooter where the player has to shoot their way through a robot-hijacked space station and collecting more powerful guns as they go. This game has millions of differently named guns, hence the name of the game.

The objective of the player is to survive as long as they can and rack up a huge high score.


OMFG has a total of 9 guns, with 4 of them being available from the start and the other 5 being unlocked at certain floors during a run. Guns are mildly different from each other and almost every gun has the potential to perform differently with different prefixes

  • Peashooter: Similar to the pistol both in appearance and damage output, the Peashooter is your starting gun, also being equipped automatically every time your equipped gun runs out of ammo. It has infinite reserve ammo and always has 4 to 5 shots per clip. It can have up to two prefixes and is always of common rarity.
  • Pistol: Exactly the same as the Peashooter, except that it doesn't have infinite ammo and can have any assortment of prefixes and rarities.
  • Revolver: A heavy hand cannon that does about triple the amount of damage of the Pistol or the Peashooter, but has a slower rate of fire.
  • SMG: An automatic gun with a very high rate of fire, but does low damage and has a very small clip size for an automatic gun.
  • Pump Shotgun: Contrary to the previous weapons, the Pump Shotgun only appears after the 3rd Floor, being available throughout the entire run afterwards. As the name implies, you pump the gun to load every shell after firing, and reload every shell individually. It fires 6 pellets per shell, with an average spread between them.
  • Assault Rifle: Unlocked on the 4th Floor. Slower firing rate that the SMG, but deals more damage and has more ammo overall.
  • Assault Shotgun: Unlocked on the 5th Floor. An automatic version of the Pump Shotgun, with less damage dealt per pellet and pretty much double the amount of pellets per shot.
  • Minigun: Unlocked on the 6th Floor. Extremely high rate of fire, low damage and a huge ammo reserve alongside the high ammo clip.
  • Double Barrel Shotgun: Last gun that you unlock, on the 7th Floor. Shoots the most pellets per shell out of all the shotguns, but only has 2 shots before needing to reload.


In OMFG, there are three types of enemies. They will generally be more powerful the bigger they are. They don't have official names, but they can be called the following:

  • Rammers: Will try to drive into you. Bigger ones charge at you, but it has a very long windup, so you can dodge it easily. Easy to kill, but don't get overconfident as they tend to swarm you when in large groups.
  • Tanks: Shoot out multiple projectiles of varying size, depending on the size of the tank. Purple tanks tend to only shoot one and blue tanks generally shoot many. Yellow tanks don't move and shoot one big bolt at you. Move fast to make them unable to hit you.
  • Mechs: Mechs are beefy, fire a lot of projectiles, and do a lot of damage. They're very hard to deal with, but you will have to in kill all rooms. Luckily you won't have to deal with them until about floor 7. Spider Queen's or Shock guns will help against them.

Point values are affected by many different things. You get points every time you kill an enemy. The amount of points is affected by the size of the enemy, type of enemy, and prefixes. Small enemies give 500, medium give 600, and mechs and large enemies give 1200 points. You can double or even triple the amount of points by using a gun with the Double Points or Triple Points prefixes. The prefixes only come into play when the weapon is held out, so if you have a bad weapon with those prefixes on it, you can kill enemies with a Spider Queen's weapon and switch to your Triple Points weapon before the spiders explode.


Guns will have their names and pick-up colors based on their rarity, as well as the rarity included in its name. Common guns have white colored names and pick-ups, and don't actually have "Common" written in the name. Rare guns are blue, Epic guns are purple and Legendary guns are orange.

Particularly, in this game, rarities only determine the chance for a gun to get more and better prefixes. It does not affect the gun's stats at all, only prefixes do that. That means that, even if uncommon, players can find common weapons that perform better than legendary weapons at times.

whenever the player start a new floor, guns with high rarities that they have equipped from the previous floor sometimes go down by one rarity, though this may be a bug.

Room Objectives[]

There are 4 objectives currently. They are kill all, find the key, survive, and break the targets. It should be noted that once you complete an objective, all enemies in the room will die and you will get full points for each one, so if you have a Triple Points gun, hold it out as you complete the objective. That's all for the strategy on this one.


Prefixes are the effects that any gun the player collects can have. Not all prefixes enhance weapons, sometimes they only have a cosmetic effect or can even weaken the gun. Presumably, players can get any prefix starting from Floor 1. Note that not all prefixes are listed here, they're listed randomly, and some info may need to be checked.

  • Standard Issue: If a gun has the "Standard Issue" prefix, that only means that the gun doesn't have any other prefix, and functions normally without any added effects.
  • Punchy: Slightly increases damage per bullet and briefly stuns enemies. Doesn't work on tougher and bigger enemies.
  • Explosive: Bullets explode on impact, dealing reduced AoE damage in a small visual sphere around the point of impact. Direct hits do the gun's normal damage to the target, also increased if the gun has other damage increasing prefixes.
  • Homing: Bullets have a yellow aura around them, their speed is slightly reduced and they home towards the nearest enemy.
  • Infested: Bullets deal infested damage. Enemies killed by infested damage spawn a robot spider upon death that will target an enemy to explode.
  • Quick-Fire: The gun's rate of fire is increased. That also applies to semi-automatic weapons, decreasing the cooldown between every shot as you click to shoot.
  • Quick-Draw: Gun reload speed is increased.
  • Spider-Queen's: Replaces all bullets with robotic spiders that crawl towards the nearest enemy and explode, dealing increased AoE damage.
  • Filmic: Adds a film grain and slight RGB split VFX to your screen if you have a gun with this prefix equipped. Purely aesthetic effect.
  • Plasma: Bullets have a green aura around them, have their travel speed greatly decreased and their damage increased.
  • Wide-Spread: Spread is greatly increased. Doesn't work on shotguns.
  • Party-Time: Makes the light points in your gun go wild, changing between multiple colors. Also does the same to your damage numbers. Any enemies killed by a gun with "Party-Time" explode into confetti.
  • Retro: Makes the gun pixelated and reduces animation frames, giving it an old-style shooter vibe. Purely cosmetic.
  • Feeble: It presumably decreased the gun's general damage.
  • Fully-Loaded: All of the reserve clips are placed into the main clip, so all the ammo can be spent without the need to reload.
  • Powerful: Increases general damage per bullet by a decent amount.
  • Auto-Aiming: A red rotating crosshair appears over an enemy closest to your aim (as long as it's in your line of sight), and the bullets automatically fly towards that enemy as you shoot. Pretty much an aimbot.
  • Corrosive: Bullets deal corrosive damage. Enemies killed by a corrosive bullet will drop a puddle of corrosive acid upon death, damaging any enemies that stand on top of it. It doesn't damage you.
  • Spelunking: All the map's lights are turned off and instead you have a flashlight lighting directly in front of you at all times.
  • Focused: Only enemies, bullets, crates and explosives are colored, everything else is grayscaled.
  • Double-Points: Enemies killed by a gun with this prefix provide double the original points.
  • Triple-Points: Enemies killed by a gun with this prefix provide triple the original points.
  • Glass: The gun becomes nearly transparent and has a glassy reflection added to it. Purely cosmetic.
  • Big-Clip: Increases the amount of ammo your gun has. Doesn't actually increase the size of your main clip.
  • Smol: Gun becomes tiny gun.
  • BIG: Gun becomes huge gun.
  • Shock: Bullets deal shock damage. Enemies hit by shock damage start to rotate uncontrolably, being unable to move properly or shoot at you.
  • Wild-Shot: Every shot fires two bullets instead of one. Only works on the Revolver and Pistol.
  • Accurate: Spread is greatly decreased. Doesn't work on shotguns.
  • Frozen: Bullets deal frozen damage to enemies, that freeze them in place for a short while after being hit.
  • Hot-n-Ready: Automatically reloads your gun when switching weapons.
  • Recoiling: Shooting the gun pushes you back. If you shoot at the ground with an automatic weapon, it basically makes you fly opposite to where you're shooting.
  • Editorial: Replaces all bullets with multiple variations of words that start with the letter "F", used to replace the "Fatal" in "One Million Fatal Guns" and mildly decreases their travel speed. Here's a list of all the words that can appear: Flashy, Freaky, Finger, Fast, Fierce, Floppy, Fickle, Fatal, Final, Fragile, Fancy, French, Fake, Festive, Fuchsia, Feeble, Faulty, Flying
  • Flaming: Bullets deal flaming damage to enemies, burning them and dealing constant damage for a while per bullet.
  • Copius: Presumably, it can increase the chance for enemies and crates to drop pick-ups when killed by a gun with "Copius", a complete blind guess based on the name.
  • Paper-Thin: The gun's shape is turned into a 2D image. Purely cosmetic.
  • Merciless: Works like the "Wild-Shot" prefix, but also on automatic weapons, shooting two bullets at the expense of one.
  • Abundant: Probably has some sort of similarity to "Copius".
  • Unstoppable: Probably makes the gun "unstoppable.
  • Sharpshooter's: Spread is almost completely gone, wherever you aim is nearly exactly where the bullet will hit. Doesn't work on shotguns.
  • Golden: The gun becomes golden, all reserve ammo is removed and bullets deal as much damage as any enemy's health, instantly killing them in one shot every time. Shotguns fire a single bullet instead of pellets.


OMFG was created by four students at DigiPen, an American university that teaches game development, and in every other way the game reveals its small team.


  • Never. Stop. Moving. If you stand still, you're easier to hit.
  • Regular movement is slow, but more precise.
  • OMFG's movement is sort of a blend between modern DOOM, classic DOOM, and Titanfall. If you play any of those games, the movement is similar but more simple.


  • When reloading, you can switch to your other gun and you will still reload. Use this to reload while still shooting.
  • Certain prefixes are purely cosmetic, but may still affect how you play, like Spelunking, which limits your vision, and BIG, which obstructs your vision.
  • Editorial is just a reskin of Plasma.
  • Test yourself. I may have gotten some of this wrong, and if I did please let me know and I'll edit the guide.
  • A Legendary weapon is not necessarily better than an Epic one.


  • There are around 30 million variations of guns in this game, which beats the variations of guns in Borderlands. The variations are so extensive that there is a possibility to have guns that fire spiders, words, guns that turn out the lights, and guns that do all three at the same time while propelling the player backwards like a jetpack.
  • OMFG is normally the abbreviation of "oh my f*cking God". The naming of the game may not only be because of the abbreviation of "One Million Fatal Guns" but it's also because of the "OMFG" expression implying the huge amount of weapon variations in the game.

Keyboard controls[]

  • Use the WASD keys to move.
  • Use the spacebar to jump.
  • Use mouse to look around and left click to shoot.
  • Use the shift key to do sliding and/or walljumping.

System requirements[]

  • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
  • OS: Windows 10
  • Processor: Intel Core i5-8400
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Nvidia GTX 760
  • Storage: 461 MB available space
  • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
  • OS: Windows 10
  • Processor: Intel Core i7-4790
  • Memory: 6 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Nvidia GTX 960
  • Storage: 461 MB available space

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