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Octomania is a puzzle game created for the Wii. In this game, Kari, a young apprentice magician, decides to summon herself her favorite treat, takoyaki. Instead, colored octopi start raining down from the sky, and it is up to Kari to try and stop it.


Gameplay varies between the Arcade and Original modes, however the standard rule is to get octopi of the same color into the nets to get rid of them. The game ends when one player's screen is filled with octopi/sea urchins. In Original mode, you can create chain explosions where octopi connected to bubbles of the same color automatically become a bubble. The player can rotate multiple octopi into the chain and create combos. When the player reaches a combo of 10, their chosen character will preform an attack that will either help their game or hurt the opponent's. Pulling off combos will fill a diamond meter on the side that unleashes a special attack when it makes contact with a bubble.

The main difference between the Arcade and Original modes is character choice. In Arcade single player, you can only play as Kari. In the Original version, you can select from characters you have unlocked. Available from the start are Kari, Fei Fei, Funkee, Kapprio, Gobuu, and Kanizaemon. The other characters are unlocked by completing the stories of already available characters.

Octomania Characters[]

These are the characters available to play in this game. Note that the descriptions were taken word for word from the Octomania manual.

  • Kari: a fairly harmless apprentice magician who loves fried octopus (Takoyaki). To be honest, she actually wields magical power strong enough to overturn the whole world, and has been scouted by the angel Angelique.
  • Angelique: Has a terrible split personality disorder. She's normally a mild-mannered girl, but once she blows her top, even a demon would run in terror from her violent rampages. She's sloppy and lazy to boot. And her room is a mess.
  • Exaltus: He's an extremely arrogent, spoiled young brat, and believes he's the best in the world. In reality, though, he's a mama's boy. He's also a puny child who wouldn't dare ever disobey his dad, the Demon King.
  • Dramo: His cute appearance conceals a scheming and malicious personality. He's secretly plotting to someday overthrow Exaltus (the Demon King's son) and become king himself.
  • Gobuu: Punctual, and a stickler for cleanliness. On top of that, he's always ranting at those around him to be the same. When it comes to cleaning, he checks in as thoroughly as a neurotic sister-in-law.


  • Kanizaemon: A fellow of faultless integrity and seriousness... or so he likes to think. He values respectful decorum and dreams of becoming a samurai for some reason.
  • Funkee: A self-styled rapper tree fairy with an afro. He loves rap music and is always feeling the beat, but is basically terrible at singing and really gets on the nerves of those around him.
  • Kapprio: Basically, a narcissist. He loves looking in the mirror, and barely notices anyone other than himself. He loves himself more than anything else. Though he hates losing.
  • Fei Fei: Kari's classmate from Magic School. She has extremely high grades at school, and often teases poor, harmless Kari. She loves Exaltus. She has a strong, burning rivalry with Kari.
  • Octobot: His official designation is "Tactical Auto Commander-08." A former battle robot, Takohachi found himself unused and on the scrapheap. His initials, "TAC08" were painted on his casing, but Exaltus misread them as "Tako Eight (hachi)" and the name stuck.
  • Takobo: Whilst on a journey to become a first-class fried octopus chef, he wandered into Ronronpia and got caught up in the strife. He believes that he can get back to his own world if he feeds the greatest fried octopust in the land to Kari, Ronronpia's biggest octopus enthusiast. With this in mind, he's been aimlessly wandering in search of Kari.