Codex Gamicus

The Aultrea Alliance[]

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Zin (ジン)[]

Zin was a genius military commander of the Kagura Fiefdom. During Visto's invasion, he led his own forces to disrupt Visto's backlines, severely halting the progress of the invaders. However, due to treachery, Kagura nonetheless fell.

Since then, he's been in hiding, waiting for a chance to strike back at Visto.

He is infamous for his interest in bedding beautiful women.

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Yae (八重)[]

Yae was Zin's second in command in the Kagura army, as well as maid. She's excellent in martial arts and espionage, but terrible at any type of household chores despite being a maid.

She unconditionally loves Zin.

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Alyetto Ulzar (アルイエット・ウルザー)[]

Alyetto is the supreme commander of Elt Kingdom's army, after the demise of her father, General Albarl (アルバーエル). She was chosen due to her excellent skills, as well as the fame, reputation, and honor built up by her father. However, she has little actual combat experience. To save her nation, she is willing to hire Zin in exchange for her body.

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Musuto (ムスト)[]

Musuto is the Prime Minister of the Elt Kingdom. She's extremely wise, and also takes care of Elt's foreign affairs.

Musuto has been the pillar of Elt Kingdom for 200 years. It is unknown if she uses magic to keep her body from aging, or if "Musuto" is a hereditary name passed down for generations.

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Erunea (エルネア)[]

Erunea is the queen of Elt Kingdom. She's been leading the country since her husband, the late king, died in the war.

While she's fairly ignorant of politics and war, she is very popular with the commoners.

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Hitoha (一葉)[]

Hitoha is the third princess of the Nanomiya Empire. She has great abilities.

Despite the unrest in her family, she fights on.

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Rutymone (ルティモネ)[]

Rutymone is the princess of the Noil Kingdom.

As the Noil Kingdom is highly advanced in magical research, Rutymone is also very good at magic. However, personality-wise she doesn't like to fight.

The wings on her back is an magical item.

The Kingdom of Visto[]

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Lidia (リディア)[]

Lidia is the princess of Visto, and the commander of the Northern Army.

She has a developed interested in both humanities and martial arts, and was made a commander because of her ability instead of her status as a princess.

Instead of the harsh policies her father takes, she recommends a soft approach.

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Nei (ネイ)[]

Nei is a general of the Visto army, commanding the storm-trooper forces.

As a girl of the beastman tribe, she loves fighting.

She is very loyal to Lidia.

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Kennethcuphea (ケーニスクフェア)[]

Kennethcuphea is a general of the Visto army, commanding the flying dragon forces.

She's an elf from a gentle forest tribe who ended up in the world of humans.

She gets taken advantage often, resulting in many failures.