Codex Gamicus

There are two types of Flying Dragons: red and white. While the in-game description says the white flying dragons are slightly superior, they in fact have identical numerical stats and skills.


Flying Dragon
Rank HP Mov Spd Mor PDef MDef Cost
F 3000 5 40 80 35 5 250
E 3100 5 42 82 36 6 270
D 3200 5 44 84 36 6 280
C 3400 5 46 86 37 7 290
B 3600 5 48 88 37 7 300
A 3800 5 50 90 38 8 310
S 4000 5 52 92 38 8 320


(bolded letters are initial skills)

Action skills
Skill Flying Dragon
Brawl F
Thrown Lance F
Arrows F
Unsuspected Assault F
Flame Breath F
Ice Breath F
Formation C
Scold D
Roar D
Passive skills
Skill Flying Dragon
Godly Sword Stance S
Godly Wall Stance S
Godly Speed Stance S
Anti-Sword Defense S
Charisma with Soldiers B
Charisma with Warriors A
Charisma with Heroes S
Hero's Trick A
Tactician's Trick A
Iron Will S
Formation of the Knowledged B
Formation of the Wise A
Formation of the Dead S
Formation of the Turtle Shell B
Formation of the Rock Wall A
Formation of the Iron Mountain S
Formation of the White Tiger A
Formation of the Vermilion Bird A
Formation of the Azure Dragon A
Formation of the Black Tortoise A
Formation of the Phoenix S
Formation of the Wind S
King of Forests S
King of Plains S
King of Villages S
King of Towns S
King of Strongholds S
People of the Desert A
Flight (initial skill)