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Adjacency restriction[]

When starting a new game, you are immediately presented a choice of turning the adjacency restriction on or off. If it's set to On (top choice), then movement becomes impaired near enemy units. It won't affect flying units nor units with the "絕" skill.

Mission selection screen ミッション選択[]

A mockup of the mission slelection screen, click to enlarge

On the left side is a list of available missions/events. Initially only one is available.

  • Missions marked in red are battles
  • Missions marked in blue are battles that do not advance the story
  • Missions marked in black are events (not necessary H)

On the upper right corner, a panel shows your current army stats:

  • Gold
  • Number of Squads
  • Number of Units

Right under neath the army stats panel are the options:

  • Squad formation (red)
  • Purchase unit (green)
  • Unit list (blue)

Squad formation[]

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Under the "Squad formation" sub-menu, you will see a list of current existing squads in your army. The header of each shows the name of the squad (which is editable via the green button next to it), as the cost of sending that squad into battle (which is dependent on the units forming the squad).

The green button on the right side of each squad will dismiss the squad. You still keep the units, and can now add them to other squads. The blue button allows you to edit the squad to control which units are in the squad. While editing, the green button on the right dismisses all the units from the squad, while the red button resets the squad roster to before you began editing it. When you are done editing, click on the blue button on the bottom right.

Purchase unit[]

In this screen you will see a list of purchasable units. Clicking on the top portion of each unit's entry opens the Unit summary window.

The green button of each unit puts the unit into your shopping cart. You may purchase multiple copies of the same unit by clicking on the green button multiple times. The yellow button reduces the quantity of your order by one, while the red button completely removes all orders of the unit from your shopping cart.

When looking at the unit from the Unit summary window, there's an additional red button at the bottom that simply closes the summary window, but doesn't empty your shopping cart of the unit.

On the upper right of the main Purchase Unit screen, the red button empties your shopping cart, whereas the blue button is the actual Buy button.

The red button on the bottom right returns to you to the main Mission selection screen.

Unit list[]

In the upper right of this screen you will see two additional buttons. The green one displays all your units, whereas the red button shows only units that can learn new skills.

Clicking on the unit brings you into the Unit summary windows, with 4 buttons:

  • Rename unit (disabled for certain units)
  • Learn skills
  • Fire unit (you loose the unit completely)
  • Clos

Squad Entry[]

After selecting a battle mission, the Squad Entry screen will appear. The top bar shows you, in order:

  • Number of squads selected
  • Gold
  • Total gold required to send selected squads onto battle.

On the bottom the number of squads and units are displayed respectively. Additionally, there are three buttons:

  • Objective (green)
  • Enter mission (blue)
  • Return to Mission Selection screen (red)

The Objective window shows:

  • Clear objective
  • Failure objective
  • Maximum squads you can bring
  • Recommended squads to bring
  • Number of squad commands per turn

Note that if you bring more than the recommended number of squads, you'll have less squad commands per turn as a penalty.

Damage Calculation[]

Note: The following damage calculation is translated from Foolmaker's website (愚者の館, Please visit Foolmaker's Ohzoku walkthrough page for any latest updates on the damage calculation (search "ダメージ算出式" within the page) research, as well as paying respects to the original researcher of the information.

According to Foolmaker:

  • Final damage = "Modded Offense" x (100% - "Modded Defense")

Offense modifiers[]

Modified Offense = (Offense + Skill Power) x HP Modifier x Morale Modifier
  • Offense is taken from the attacker's stats. Use physical or magical depending on the type of attack.
  • Skill Power is a random value taken from a set range, depending on the skill used. The in-game info only shows the upper bound of the range. For the full damage range, see Foolmaker's research here.
Attacker HP Modifier
% Max health
(rounded down)
0~29 % 30~39 % 40~49 % 50~50 % 60~69 % 70~70 % 80~89% 90~100 %
Offense modification 80% 85% 90% 95% 100% 105% 110% 115%
Attacker Morale Modifier
Morale 1~19 20~49 50~69 70~100
Offense modification 90% 95% 100% 110%

There might also be a rank-based modifier for offense.

Defense modifiers[]

Modified Defense = Defense + HP Modifier + Morale Modifier + Rank Modifier
  • Defense is taken from the defender's stats. Use physical or magical depending on the type of attack.
Defender HP Modifier
% Max health
(rounded down)
0~29 % 30~79 % 80~100 %
Defense modification -1 0 +1
Defender Morale Modifier
Morale 0~49 50~69 70~100
Defense modification 0 1 2
Defender Rank Modifier
Rank F E D C B A S
Defense modification -2 -1 0 +1 +2 +3 +4

Once again, the damage calculation section is a translation of the research done by Foolmaker (愚者の館).