The story of Ohzoku takes place on the Cdoll continent (コドール大陸), a land with many small nations.

Ohzoku - Cdoll original map.jpg
(C) SofthouseChara. Map of the Cdoll continent. Click to enlarge.

Visto Kingdom (ヴィスト王国)

The kingdom of Visto is a strong military power in northern Cdoll. Several years ago it began invading its neighbors, slowly expanding its power. It has already conquered many nations, and made a few others vassals, while continuing to threaten the safety of the rest of Cdoll.

Ohzoku - Cdoll second map.jpg
(C) SofthouseChara. Visto's expansion. Nations made into vassals are in purple. Click to enlarge.

Kagura Fiefdom (神楽家領国)

The Kagura Fiefdom had been a nation allied with the Nanomiya Empire, in the south eastern regions of the Cdoll continent. Three years ago Visto began its campaign against Kagura, planning to conquer it in a year and a half. However, Kagura managed to resist Visto for a full three years, with a special force disrupting the strongholds and supply lines inside Visto's newly conquered land.

Visto effectively lost all capability to fight Kagura, and it would've marked as a great defensive victory for Kagura. Unfortunately, there were traitors near the Kagura throne, who captured the royal family and threw Kagura defenses into chaos, allowing a weak Visto force to easily capture the capital.

Elt Kingdom (エルト王国)

The Elt Kingdom is a weak nation in southern Cdoll. It has recently lost both its king and its supreme commander in battle against Visto. It has lost over half of its territories to the invaders.

It is a member of the Anit-Visto Alliance.

Nanomiya Empire (奈宮皇国)

The Nanomiya Empire is a large nation in the south eastern region of Cdoll.

It is currently the leader of the Anti-Visto Alliance.

Noil Kingdom (ノイル王国)

The Noil Kingdom is a tiny nation in southern Cdoll, weaker than even Elt. It is, however, highly advanced in magical research.

It is a member of the Anti-Visto Alliance.

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