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Omaha poker is a very popular game, played mostly in Europe and North America. Even though, very popular in each country, the name Omaha refers to different things in each country and the variations of the game are more popular in North America than in Europe.

In North America, the term Omaha refers to a few different variations of the game. It can refer to the most popular Omaha High, or it can refer to different variations, such as the high low split version known as Omaha Hi-Lo. Or it can refer to Omaha eight or better. In Europe, the term Omaha refers to the original high version of the game and more often than not is played pot-limit. It is very hard to find a no-limit or Omaha eight or better game in Europe.

The game of Omaha is very hard and many seasoned players have to take more time to be able to read not only their opponents possible hand, but also their own hand. Since there are so many different combinations in the game of Omaha, a player can be drawing for a straight, flush, and full house on the same hand using different cards in his hand, in combination with the community cards. However, the game is popular because of this fact, and many seasoned players see this as the poker game that requires the most skill

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