Codex Gamicus

This section covers the other organizations at work within the game F.E.A.R., as well as a summary of the terminology presented within the game.

Armacham Technology Corporation[]

A fictional corporation, Armacham Technology Corporation (ATC) has been in operation since 1964, according to an in-game news report. This time frame seems reasonable given the fact that the two individuals produced by the Origin project (the player character and Paxton Fettel), are at least in their mid-twenties at the time of the game. A globe-spanning conglomerate, ATC prides itself on being on the cutting edge of technology, with R&D occurring primarily for military applications, including aerospace. They have highly-efficient nuclear reactors, working cryogenics|cryogenic suspension technology, cloning technology, and can be extremely unethical with regards to their methods. For reasons never explicitly stated, ATC is interested in the water contamination of the Auburn district.

Throughout the game, the protagonist encounters several of ATC's high-tech designs. Automated gun turrets equipped with heavy machine guns line the ceilings of Armacham's closely-guarded floors, powered armor exoskeletons under Fettel's control wreak havoc with impunity and shrug off anything weaker than explosive/high-caliber weapons, and laser-armed compact VTOL patrol unmanned aerial vehicle|UAVs flit in and about the floors checking for intruders.

The status of ATC is unknown after F.E.A.R. ends. In the expansion, the Point Man finds numerous ATC labeled boxes though Replica soldiers are seen moving them through the game. The Point Man also enters an ATC warehouse with Replica soldiers inside and dead ATC security guards lying around.

ATC's logo somewhat resembles that of Initech from the movie Office Space. The similarity is likely intentional; one can find "TPS Report" sheets and red staplers on desks in the office (both were recurring jokes in the film).

Project Icarus[]

An ATC bioengineering research project started in 1973 that stemmed from studies on microgravity related health problems. Icarus was later cancelled by ATC in favor of a new project code-named "Perseus". Apparently all that was left of Icarus after its closure are a number of "prototype" soldiers gifted with lightning fast agility and extraordinary strength.

Project Origin[]

The original plan was to simply create the first prototypes of the project from her DNA, but Harlan Wade was not convinced that psychic abilities were entirely genetic, and thus the project was changed: Alma would be impregnated with the genetically-engineered (from Alma's own DNA) prototypes. She was to be kept in an induced coma for the rest of the project, and was forced to give birth to the prototypes during artificially-stimulated childbirth|labor.

Origin produced two male prototypes. Alma was fifteen when her first son, the protagonist, was born. She was in a drug induced coma during labor but awoke and is seen yelling "No!" as her first son is taken away. This prototype was initially deemed a 'failure', and some unspecified time later, she was impregnated with a second son, Paxton Fettel. When Fettel was ten, she linked her mind with his, triggering what Origin researchers dubbed a "Synchronicity Event". During this, Fettel "freaked out" and killed several people. Following this incident, Origin was shut down and the facility sealed. According to Harlan Wade, Alma died six days after they terminated life support.

Later Genevieve Aristide, president of ATC, tried to reactivate the facility as the first step of resurrecting Origin, sending teams down to assess suitability. The re-opening of the Vault allowed Alma's psychic presence to escape, resulting in the deaths of the teams Aristide sent down. Free to once again make contact with Fettel, Alma triggered a second synchronicity event, which causes the crisis F.E.A.R. is called to put down.

The Origin facility, along with much of the Auburn district, was destroyed at the end of the game in a massive explosion, due to the player character's actions.

Project Perseus[]

Following the fallout from Origin, one of the prototypes produced by it, Paxton Fettel, was used in a project called Perseus, which involved a single psychic commander issuing orders to cloned soldiers via telepathy. Fettel's ability to control the cloned soldiers is what made a synchronicity event with Alma so dangerous. The Perseus project was based in a facility separate from the main ATC headquarters, as evidenced by several phone messages reporting 'gunshots' at the 'Perseus facility', pleading for 'all available security teams to be sent to lock this place down'. It is shown that the Replica soldiers involved in the project left the Perseus facility to fan out to their respective objectives via wheeled armored personnel carriers closely resembling armored cars and at least one heavily armed Hind D gunship.

Metro Police Department[]

Their involvement in the game is minimal. From the numerous news radio reports in the game, it is known that they blocked off and evacuated the South River water treatment plant, the ATC headquarters and the Auburn district during the various crises there.