Codex Gamicus

This is the Xbox 360 console version of the game. It added the following game modes:

  • VS Mission: A boss rush game featuring bosses from previous Konami shooters. Up to 3 players can enter simultaneously through Xbox Live or LAN connections.
  • Gorgeous mode: A rearranged stage layout featuring 6 stages. It can be played by up to 3 players through Xbox Live or LAN connections, but without the boss rush counterpart.

This version also added extra fighters:

  • Esmeralda
  • Pony Coon

Early order includes downloadable Aoba Anoa (in St. Gradius school uniform) fighter.

  • Score ranking
  • Cooperative play
  • Downloadable contents (characters, stage, music included)
  • St. Gradius uniform fighters: The uniformed fighters can be used in Original and Gorgeous mode. Each cost 510 Microsoft points. Available fighters include Aoba Anoa, Eru Tron, Madoka, Diol Twee, Tita Nium.
  • New fighters: They can be used in fighters can be used in Original and Gorgeous mode. Each cost 400 Microsoft points. Available fighters include Esmeralda, Poini Coon.

Easter island (500 Microsoft Points): In original mode, it has the level of 3 stars (at Normal difficulty), and can be chosen in single mission mode like any other mission. In Gorgeous mode, it is located between Canadian Rockies and Alexandria missions.

Changes background music in Gorgeous mode and Original Mode single missions. Each cost 400 Microsoft points.

  • Anoa pack (2008-12-19): Contains Gradius series music.
  • Tron pack (2008-12-19): Contains Salamander series music.
  • Madoka pack (2009-01-23): Contains Twinbee series music.
  • Diol pack (2009-01-23): Contains Xexex music.
  • Tita pack (2009-01-23): Contains MSX Gradius (Gradius II and Nemesis 3) music.
  • Emon pack (2009-03-25): Contains Thunder Cross series and Space Manbow music.
  • Esmeralda & Poini pack (2009-04-08): Contains Gradius Gaiden and Falsion (only the boss theme for the latter) music.

It is a version with controller manufactured by Hori. The controller includes a small touch input screen on the right side of the action buttons. Using this input screen, gamers are able to recreate all of the touch features from the arcade version of Otomedius with the home console port.

The product went on sale on 2008-11-20.[1]