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PCMRatings was a community-driven Ratings system created by /r/pcmasterrace on Reddit. The website's software was open-source, and was previously available on GitHub. It is current defunct.

The rating system had 5 ratings that can be given to games: Peasantry, Compromised, Mediocre, Righteous and Glorious.


Each game was assessed on a number of criteria, of which different individual scores to those weightings tallied accordingly into what is called the master rating. Each rating above Peasantry has a set master rating score that it must attain.

The following is a table, based on the weightings given, which can be seen here.

0 1 2 3 4 Weight Score
(points x weight)
Frame Rate May be capped to 30 FPS May be capped to 60 FPS 60 FPS capped 60 FPS capped, potentially limitless Limitless
Resolution Does not support 1080p or higher May support up to 1080p Supports 1080p. No multi-monitor support Supports 1080p, may include multi-monitor support 4K or beyond, may include multi-monitor support
Optimized Poorly Passable Good Great Glorious!
Mod support No support, mods may result in online bans Possible unofficial support, may be heavily restricted May not have official support, possibly restricted to cosmetic changes Some support, possibly restricted to cosmetic changes Complete support
Servers Possibly weak, unreliable servers Possibly weak servers, but occasionally reliable Possibly some server issues at high volumes, but no options available Acceptable servers with dedicated or custom servers optional Strong servers with dedicated or custom servers optional
DLC Possible Day 1 DLC, affects entire game balance Possible Day 1 DLC, affects game balance online Possible Day 1 DLC, does not affect game balance online No Day 1 DLC, or DLC is purely cosmetic No Day 1 DLC, or DLC is free
Glitches Possible excess of glitches, likely game breaking Possible excess of glitches, but not game breaking Some glitches, but usually not game breaking Few glitches, but rarely do they affect enjoyment Nearly none, or to a limited and rare amount
Settings None, or very limited Limited settings Limited settings, short range on video settings Acceptable settings, medium range on video settings Full settings, wide range on video settings
Controls Un-configurable controls, no gamepad support Sensitivity options, no control mapping, no gamepad support Keyboard remap-able, gamepad support, sensitivity options All devices remap-able, gamepad support, sensitivity options All devices remap-able, alternate controls, gamepad support, sensitivity options
Total Min: 0
Max: 180


Although the total minimum master rating required for each rating was never disclosed, based on game reviews posted an approximate amount is possible to work out. Some discrepancies do exist, and it should be noted that this rating system was a work-in-progress when it was discontinued.

Rating Image Min. Master Rating req.
Peasantry PCMR-P.png ~0-19
Compromised PCMR-C.png ~20-75
Mediocre PCMR-M.png ~76-100
Righteous PCMR-R.png ~101-136
Glorious PCMR-G.png ~137-180