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Pac-Man comes from one the most successful arcade games of all time. He is a vague round circle with a triangular mouth that eats ghosts and power pellets. Today, he is basically Namco's mascot. First known as Puck-Man in Japan but revised to Pac-Man for the US because some changed the "P" into an "F". His name is derived from the Japanese onomotopeic sound of chomping, "pakku". Pac-Man is married to Ms. Pac-Man, though some argue that he is Ms. Pac-Man.

There is also a Baby Pac-Man and Jr. Pac-Man in existence, though they are hardly ever used.


Original design[]

Pac-Man's design was decided in an odd way. The inventor of Pac-Man, Toru Iwatani, was an employee of Namco. He eventually ordered a pizza and when the first quarter was cut out, it resembled Pac-Man's original appearance later shown in the original Pac-Man games. Many current Pac-Man games have references to the original design. It still appears rapidly throughout other Namco games as Pac-Man had become Namco's mascot.


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The Japanese artwork of Pac-Man.


  • Pac-Man was originally based on a pizza once the first quarter was cut out. The creator, Toru Iwatani (who also made the Bomb-Bee series), made millions of dollars off of the original design.