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Pac-Man 2: The New Adventures is a game released for the Sega Genesis and the Super Nintendo.


The unique game plays more like a point and click adventure than the previous Pac-Man game. You control a cursor that guides Pac-Man by drawing his attention. You view Pac-Man’s world from a side view, as you move a cursor to indicate where you want to aim your slingshot, like a mouse. Instead of "clicking", you fire off a normal pellet. These pellets are unlimited and draw Pac-Mans attention to surrounding objects, or interact with objects. They can knock apples out of trees, break jars, knock on doors, or anger sleeping pit bulls.

The interaction with the normal pellets, the environment, and Pac-Man are key to solving puzzles. For example, you could hit an apple down from a tree before Pac-Man reaches it, which prompts him to pick it up, and then knock on the nearby door for him, which prompts him to deliver the apple to the person inside the house as a gift. Or, you could just keep hitting Pac-Man in the face with pellets until he gets really angry and stops listening to you.

There are also a limited amount of power pellets you can fire, which, if Pac-Man notices them, he will eat and become "Super Pac-Man", which is Pac-Man in a cape and eye mask. In this mode, Pac-Man will fly across the screen for a few seconds, making big chomps, eating any bad guys in his way. There are really few bad guys in the game, and should only be used when you finally unearth where the ghosts are hiding.

Pac-Man 2 is divided into "chapters". There are about 5 of them, although they may take a while, since players will often have no idea what to do. Each "chapter" has Pac-Man on a mission that his man-hating wife has sent him on: Get some milk, get an electric guitar, get a rare flower. Each chapter can take you to a variety of new places in Pac-Man’s world: From his neighborhood, to a local farm, to a canyon and even a hang-gliding mini-game.


The game features unlockable and fully playable versions of Pac-Man and Ms. Pac-Man, though in the Genesis version, Ms. Pac-Man has been replaced by a modified version called Pac Jr.