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Pac-Man Fever
Pac-Man Fever CD.jpg
Artist Buckner & Garcia
Released 1982 (original version)
1999 (remake version)
Label Columbia/CBS Records
(original version)
Buckner & Garcia Productions
(remake version)
Catalog number PC 37941
Producer Jerry Buckner
Gary Garcia
Genre Rock
Media type 8-track tape
Audio cassette
(original version)
Compact disc
(remake version)
Number of tracks 8
Length 32:53

Pac-Man Fever is an album of eight songs inspired by classic arcade games of the early 1980s. The title song became the duo's only popular hit. It was re-recorded and reissued in 1999 as a self-published CD.

Track listing[]

1. "Pac-Man Fever" (Pac-Man)
2. "Froggy's Lament" (Frogger)
3. "Ode to a Centipede" (Centipede)
4. "Do the Donkey Kong" (Donkey Kong)
5. "Hyperspace" (Asteroids)
6. "The Defender" (Defender)
7. "Mouse Trap" (Mouse Trap)
8. "Goin' Berzerk" (Berzerk)


Regarding the remake version of the album:

  • The introduction to the 1982 LP version of "Pac-Man Fever" uses a clip of the game being played at a delicatessen, and the sound of a man ordering a pastrami sandwich is faintly audible; this clip was replaced.
  • The guitarist who reproduced the guitar solo in "Ode to a Centipede" could not keep up with the pace of the original guitarist, and subsequently bailed out of the solo toward the end until it became easier to play.
  • In the original recording of "Hyperspace," the sound that followed singing of the word "hyperspace" was a sample of the player shooting taken directly from an Asteroid machine. In the re-release, the sample was replaced with a guitarist sliding his fingers down the neck of the guitar to simulate the sound, and it is not quite as on key with the rest of the song as the original sample was.
  • The original recording of "Mousetrap" contained samples from the Mouse Trap arcade game. No working machine of the game could be found in time for the re-recording, so recordings of actual cat, dog, and pigeon noises were used in place of the game samples.