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Pac-Man World is the first game in the 3D series of Pac-Man. Originally to be titled Pac-Man 3D, Pac-Man World introduces a bigger story to the concept of the game and gives access to 3D mazes. The mazes are hidden in each level.


The story and plot of the game is very simple due to it being the first Pac-Man World game. An evil plot in which a ghost named Orson has kidnapped everyone in Pac-Man's family to get his attention ino order to lure him within the grounds of Ghost Island to strike against him. Orson's mission is to use his evil robot named "Toc-Man" to steel his identity. He is eventually taken down after Pac-Man adventures through many far lands from his home in order to return his friends and family back to their rightful place in Pac-Village. Orson then turns off his robot and sides with Pac-Man.


  • Orson is the second ghost to join Pac-Man. The first is Miru from Pac & Pal.