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Panda Entertainment
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Basic Information
Business Type
Sango Fighter
Head Office(s)
Taiwan Taiwan

Panda Entertainment, full name Panda Entertainment Technology Co., Ltd. (熊貓軟體公司?), was a video game developer from Taiwan that was active during the 1990s. They developed games for DOS and for the Taiwanese only game console SuperA'Can, made by Funtech. Their most famous game is Sango Fighter, and their highest-selling game was Crazy Dodgeball.

In 2009 North American company Super Fighter Team acquired the full legal rights to some of the company's games, re-releasing Sango Fighter as freeware immediately afterwards. In 2012, Super Fighter Team acquired the rights to the remainder of Panda Entertainment's video games.

Sango Fighter controversey[edit | edit source]

Sango Fighter was developed based on the engine of Super Fighter, a game by Taiwanese developer C&E. The engine was taken without permission by a developer who left C&E and joined Panda. Because of the illegally-obtained engine, C&E sued Panda and won, forcing Panda to halt its sales of Sango Fighter in Taiwan. However, the ruling didn't stop other companies from continuing to sell copies of the game. The game appeared in English because another company translated it, and sold it to a shareware company without permission. Shareware developer and publisher Apogee Software was planning on licensing and releasing the game in the United States under the title Violent Vengeance, but the plans for the deal fell through. A company called Accend pirated Sango Fighter and sold it in the United States without permission from Panda.