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Panzer General 3D Assault
PanzerGenIII Boxart.jpg
Developer(s) Strategic Simulations, Inc.
Publisher(s) Strategic Simulations, Inc.
status Status Missing
Release date Aug 31, 1999 (US)
Genre Turn based strategy
Mode(s) Single player, multiplayer
Age rating(s)
Platform(s) Windows
Arcade system Arcade System Missing
Media CD
Input Mouse and keyboard
Requirements System: PII 233 or equivalent

RAM: 64 MB
Video Memory: 8 MB
Hard Drive Space: 275 MB

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Panzer General 3D Assault (1999) is a turn-based strategy computer game by Strategic Simulations, Inc. Panzer General 3D Assault is the 3rd game in the Panzer general Series. It features a new 3D engine. It is still turned based and has a similar game play style to Panzer General 2. The game features 8 new campaigns based on the western front. 3 German campaigns and 5 Allied. Playing with the nations of Britain, France and America against the Germans. Panzer General 3D's Action Combat System gives player the ability to manipulate individual units and give multiple commands each turn. The units command with more promotions may have access to more actions and can perform more effectively on the battle field. Actions include move, fire, and special orders (entrench, refit, aim, fire, etc.).

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