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Paragon City is a fictional city in the City of Heroes universe that roughly takes the place of Providence, Rhode Island geographically, and New York City, NY in terms of population and importance. In this universe, an extended reliance on whale oil as a fuel source, and use as a military base during the Civil War kept it from being overshadowed by other cities as Providence was here. It is defended by Statesman and the thousands of other heroes of CoH, and under assault by dozens of organizations and gangs such as the Rikti and Arachnos.

Timeline[edit | edit source]

  • 1823: Smithport merges with neighboring communities to found Paragon City.
  • 1929: Organized crime begins to dominate Paragon following the Stock Market Crash of '29.
  • 1932-33: Statesman, The Dark Watcher and Maiden Justice form the Freedom Phalanx, and beats back the organized crime groups.
  • 1937: Citizen Crime Fighting Act legalizes super-powered vigilantism in Paragon.
  • 1941: 5th Column attacks Paragon as Japan attacks Pearl Harbor.
  • 1946: Nemesis takes control of Washington D.C., spreads poisonous gas, Dr. Mnemonic synthesis a cure and Nemesis is defeated.
  • 1952-53: 2nd Citizen Crime Fighting Act legalizes Supergroups, Freedom Phalanx becomes the first.
  • 1956: Might for Right Act is passed, drafting superhumans into the military.
  • 1967: Might for Right act declared unconstitutional.
  • 1981-85: Back Alley Brawler forms the Regulators to attack the drug trade at home and abroad. "Supes" first appears in 1984.
  • 1988: Dr. Brian Webb and Portal Corp cross dimensional barrier.
  • 1989: Reichsman and Amerika Corp invade Paragon from dimension where Germany and the 5th Column won WWII.
  • 1994: Rebecca Foss founds the Hero Corps.
  • 2002: On May 23, the Rikti War begins in Paragon. Omega Team and Hero One travel to the Rikti home world and shut off the portals permanently, ending the war.
  • 2004: On May 1, The call goes out for new heroes to help rebuild the city.

Zones[edit | edit source]

Within City Limits[edit | edit source]

Connected to Paragon City by Portal or Ship[edit | edit source]

Note: Trial, PvP and Hazard zones have a required minimum level, others are recommendations only.