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Param is a video game development company that works in partnership with Nintendo. Param is a part of Marigul Management, Inc.. Param may be defunct as its parent company was liquidated in May, 2003.

Company Profile[]

Param was founded in 1996, the team was responsible for the Nintendo 64DD game Kyojin no Doshin (known as Doshin the Giant outside of Japan), which was released in Japan only, but was ported to the GameCube and released in Japan and Europe, the game wasn't released in North America though because Nintendo and Atlus struck a deal to localize another niche game called Cubivore: Survival of the Fittest, which would have released at about the same time on the Gamecube. The game did spawn a sequel for the Nintendo 64DD, but the game received near abysmal reviews. The company is headed up by Takao Kurebayashi, Kazutoshi Iida and Yana. Before joining Param, Iida was responsible for such innovative titles as Tail of the Sun and Aquanaut's Holiday.

Kazutoshi Iida now works at a brand new company called Unigame Bunko, translated as Sea Turtle Library, and is currently working with Marvelous Entertainment on Discipline for WiiWare. It is not yet known if Takao Kurebayashi and Yana are still working with Iida.


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