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The VG Pocket handheld console

The VG Pocket by Pelican Accessories is Pelican's first stand-alone game console, introduced in 2005. This game console is a handheld device containing 50 games and is advertised as an "arcade in your pocket". It has a 2.5" backlit color LCD for brilliant color graphics. It is capable of being displayed on a TV or external monitor.

This product contains cloned versions of existing games.

List of games on unit[]


  • Get it Right
  • Lawn Gems
  • Road Works
  • Smash Ball


  • Bandit Racer
  • Motor Rally
  • Road Ace
  • Road Race (clone of Bump N Jump)



  • Bulls-eye (archery game, stolen from Konami's Hyper Sports)
  • Free Throws (basketball game)
  • Surfs Up
  • Target Shoot (partial clone of Missile Command)


  • Bird Craze
  • Bird Droppings
  • Bounce (clone of Pong)
  • Butterfly Catch
  • Chuck Holes (clone of Heartlight)
  • Dragon's Tail (clone of Nibbles)
  • Drop and Stock (similar to Wario's Woods)
  • Fire Fight
  • Flying Fish (Mini-game stolen from the NES game Panic Restaurant)
  • Fungi
  • Globs
  • Go Ball
  • Go Bang (clone of Pente or Go)
  • Grow and Mow
  • Jewels (clone of Magic Jewelry
  • Matching Diamonds
  • Fun Moves
  • Paddle Ball
  • Paint
  • Patch'n Go
  • Pipelines
  • Pool Pro
  • Rainbows
  • Ricochet (clone of Arkanoid or Breakout)
  • River Racing
  • Sea Destroyer
  • Sky Mission
  • Smart Monkey
  • Spin Ball
  • Wake the Baby

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