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PlayStation Portable Slim and Lite
Basic Information
Handheld Console
Sony Computer Entertainment
PSP Street
PlayStation Portable Bright and Light
Nintendo DS Lite
Unit(s) sold
Over 9 million
Technical Information
Supported Media
Save Capabilities
Save to Memory Stick Pro Duo
United Nations International Release
October 2007
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At E3 2007, Sony released information that a new version of the PlayStation Portable, known as the PlayStation Portable Slim and Lite. The new PSP was 33% lighter (reduced to 189 grams from 280 grams) and 19% slimmer than the original PSP system. The model numbers have also changed to PSP-2xxx, following the previous region-based numbering scheme (cf. the PSP-1xxx numbering scheme of the "old" PSP model).


  • Better Wi-Fi connection
  • Faster loading times by storing UMD data in temporary memory.
  • Internal memory (RAM) increase from 32 MiB to 64 MiB
  • Improved battery life due to lower power consumption, and battery recharge over the USB data connection. However the old, higher-capacity PSP battery will still be compatible and using it will give an increased battery life, but the battery cover will not close when using the old battery due to the larger size.
  • Weight has been reduced by 33%
  • Unit is 19% narrower (slimmer) in thickness
  • A video-out port for displaying on a TV.
  • Improved responsiveness of d-pad[1] and buttons, confirmed in the GameSpot "hands-on" review; "several GameSpot editors have noticed that the d-pad and buttons on the new PSP provide a little more tactile feedback for a better overall feel."[2]
  • WiFi switch moved to the top of the console.
  • New UMD loading tray design.
  • Removal of the infra-red port.
  • Speakers re-positioned on the front of the PSP near the top of the

screen which makes it look different from the 1000 system

  • Memory Stick slot has been relocated
  • The PSP-2000 models use the same screen as the PSP-1000



The initial North American PSP release will include the colors Piano Black and Ice Silver. The Piano Black version is currently set to be priced at $169.99.

Name Info Image
Ice Silver PSP Pack Ice Silver PSP with the game Daxter, a 1 GiB Memory Stick, and the UMD movie, Family Guy Freakin' Sweet Collection. Daxpack.jpg
Final Fantasy VII 10th Anniversary Edition A limited edition package, one that includes Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-, a teeny Keyblade strap and the PSP itself Ff7psp.jpg
Ceramic White Star Wars edition PSP A PSP with a silkscreen picture of Darth Vader on the back that comes with the game Star Wars Battlefront: Renegade Squadron, and a 1 GiB memory stick. Starwars psp.jpg
The Simpsons PSP Yellow PSP that comes with The Simpsons Game. Model was announced at Leipzig Game convention 2007. Simpsons psp.jpg
Spider-Man PSP Red PSP that comes with Spider-Man 2 on PSP and Spider-Man 3 on Blue Ray. Model was announced at Leipzig Game convention 2007 Spiderman psp.jpg


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