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PlayStation Vita
Basic Information
Handheld Console
Sony Corporation
PlayStation Portable Bright and Light
PlayStation Vita Slim
Nintendo 3DS
Unit(s) sold
1.8 million (as of March 31, 2012)
Little Deviants
Wipeout 2048
Technical Information
PlayStation Vita 3G
Supported Media
Digital Download
Save Capabilities
PlayStation Vita Game Cards
4 face buttons, 2 shoulder buttons, d-pad, dual analog sticks, touch screen, touch panel on back
European Union European Release
February 222012
CanadaUnited StatesMexico North American Release
February 152012
Australia Australian Release
February 122012
Japan Japanese Release
December 172011
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The PlayStation Vita (officially abbreviated as PS Vita or Vita) was Sony's second handheld gaming system after the PlayStation Portable. It was released in Japan on December 17, 2011, with releases in North America, Europe, and other worldwide regions starting on February 22, 2012; it was discontinued worldwide on March 1, 2019. Its primary competitor was the Nintendo 3DS.

The original model of the PS Vita, the PCH-1000, had a 5-inch OLED multi-touch capacitive touchscreen, two analog joysticks, front and shoulder push-button input, and supported Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and optional 3G connectivity. A revised model, the PS Vita 2000 series, was released across 2013 and 2014, sporting all of the same feature with a slightly smaller size, extended battery life, and an LCD screen replacing the OLED display.

Production of the system and physical cartridges games ended in March 2019.

Competitors[ | ]

The PlayStation Vita's main competition is the Nintendo 3DS, which features a touch screen, a flip-up design, and adjustable 3D graphics. However, both handheld systems are competing with other portable gaming players like cellphones, especially the iPhone.

Games[ | ]

The PlayStation Vita has 115 games as of March 26, 2013.

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