Pokémon Ranger: Guardian Signs

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Pokémon Ranger: Guardian Signs
Basic Information
Video Game
Creatures Inc.
Nintendo, The Pokémon Company
Pokémon Ranger
Action RPG
Nintendo DS
Pokémon Ranger: Guardian SignsPokémon Ranger: Guardian Signs
European Union European Release Date(s)
Nintendo DS
November 52010
CanadaUnited StatesMexico North American Release Date(s)
Nintendo DS
October 42010
Japan Japanese Release Date(s)
Nintendo DS
March 62010
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Pokémon Ranger: Guardian Signs (ポケモンレンジャー 光の軌跡 Pokemon Renjā Hikari no Kiseki?) is the third game in the Pokémon Ranger series. It was released on March 6 in Japan. It was released in America on October 4, 2010. It starts the player out on a region filled with myserious islands and ruins to explore known as Oblivia. On the launch day, players were able to download a special mission which allows you to capture Deoxys and transfer it over to Pokémon Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, HeartGold, or SoulSilver on multi-player mode. It also includes a multiplayer co-op feature to work together and capture Pokémon. The box art for the game feature a Suicune, Entei, Raikou, Latios, Latias, and The Ukulele Pichu. One more cool feature for the game is the brand new "Ranger Signs" to summon certain Pokémon with new abilities, along with the returning "Poke Assist". The main evil team you end up facing is team Pokemon Pinchers.

Characters[edit | edit source]