Codex Gamicus

Pokémon Sapphire Version and its sister game, Pokémon Ruby Version are games in the popular Pokémon series. They are the first games on the Game Boy Advance platform. These games feature more Pokémon, features, moves, and more compared to their predecessors. Both became best selling titles.

Like Pokémon Crystal Version, you are given two genders from which choose from: a girl named Sapphire (May/Haruka) and a boy named Ruby (Yuuki/Brendan). The primary goal is to collect eight different badges in the eight Pokémon Gyms throughout Hoenn by battling their respective gym leaders to participate in the Hoenn Pokémon League. If you chose the female character, Brendan is the rival and if you chose the male character, May is the rival.


Moving to a town in Hoenn called Littleroot, you (and your mother) adjust to living in your new home. When the moving is complete, you meet your neighbour and her son/daughter who becomes your main rival who is learning of how he/she can become a Pokémon trainer. He/she then leaves stating that he/she needs to help his/her father, Professor Birch to catch Pokémon.

Professor Birch is out researching the local wildlife when he is attacked by a wild Poochyena, you must choose one of the three Pokémon from Prof. Birch's bag to save him, (Torchic, a fire type, Mudkip, a water type or Treecko, a grass type). After the attack, you and Birch return to the lab when you are allowed to name your new found Pokémon. Then Birch asks you if you want to meet your rival on Route 103 to teach you how to be a Pokémon Trainer.

The Pokémon your rival chooses is the Pokémon that has a type advantage against the Pokémon you chose (For example. if you chose Mudkip, the rival would chose Treecko).

After defeating your rival on Route 103, you set off on your journey to become a Pokémon Master.