Hubstar-black.svg = <100 articles      Hubstar-pink.svg = 100 articles         Hubstar-green.svg = 500 articles          Hubstar-orange.svg = 1,000 articles       Hubstar-blue.svg = 2,500 articles
Hubstar-bronze.svg = 5,000 articles     Hubstar-silver.svg = 10,000 articles     Hubstar-gold.svg = 25,000 articles     Hubstar-platinum.svg = 50,000 articles     Hubstar-rainbow.svg = 100,000+ articles

How to Add Wikis to the List

  1. First, enter into Source editing mode on this page.
  2. You should see each Wiki listed in the format:
  3. The first parameter, x, indicates the number of pages on the Wiki ("black" for <100, "pink" for 100-499, "green" for 500-999, "orange" for 1,000-2,499, "blue" for 2,500-4,999, "bronze" for 5,000-9,999, "silver" for 10,000-24,999, "gold" for 25,000-49,999, "platinum" for 50,000-99,999, and "rainbow" for 100,000 and greater).
  4. The second parameter, y, indicates the subdomain name of the Wiki ("finalfantasy" for example).
  5. And the third parameter, z, indicates the subject matter of the Wiki ("Final Fantasy" for example).
  6. Wikis should be listed in alphabetical order by subject matter and ignoring preface words like "the."
  7. NOTE: Once your edit is published, please check the actual Portal that this Wiki List is featured on. Wikis with long names may take up only one line on this Wiki List, but take up two on the Portal. If this happens, please try to even out the columns with that in mind.
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