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Japanese RPGs
Black = <100 articles      Pink = 100 articles         Green = 500 articles          Orange = 1,000 articles       Blue = 2,500 articles
Bronze = 5,000 articles     Silver = 10,000 articles     Gold = 25,000 articles     Platinum = 50,000 articles     Rainbow = 100,000+ articles

Hubstar-orange.svg .hack//
Hubstar-black.svg Alundra
Hubstar-orange.svg Ar tonelico
Hubstar-orange.svg Atelier
Hubstar-black.svg Baroque
Hubstar-orange.svg Baten Kaitos
Hubstar-pink.svg Blue Dragon
Hubstar-pink.svg Boktai
Hubstar-orange.svg Breath of Fire
Hubstar-orange.svg Chrono
Hubstar-green.svg Dark Cloud
Hubstar-orange.svg Dept. Heaven
Hubstar-orange.svg Disgaea
Hubstar-blue.svg Dragon Quest
Hubstar-black.svg Dragon Sinker
Hubstar-black.svg Dragon Slayer
Hubstar-pink.svg Drakengard (Drag-On Dragoon)
Hubstar-orange.svg EarthBound
Hubstar-pink.svg Eternal Sonata
Hubstar-green.svg Etrian Odyssey
Hubstar-black.svg Evolution Worlds
Hubstar-silver.svg Final Fantasy
Hubstar-blue.svg Fire Emblem
Hubstar-pink.svg Front Mission
Hubstar-black.svg Glory of Heracles

Hubstar-orange.svg Golden Sun
Hubstar-black.svg Granbo
Hubstar-green.svg Grandia
Hubstar-pink.svg Hexyz Force
Hubstar-blue.svg Hyperdimension Neptunia
Hubstar-pink.svg Infinite Space
Hubstar-green.svg Infinite Undiscovery
Hubstar-pink.svg Japanese PC Games
Hubstar-orange.svg Kingdom Hearts
Hubstar-blue.svg The Last Remnant
Hubstar-pink.svg The Last Story
Hubstar-pink.svg The Legend of Dragoon
Hubstar-orange.svg Legend of Heroes
Hubstar-green.svg Legend of Legaia
Hubstar-orange.svg Lost Odyssey
Hubstar-pink.svg Lufia
Hubstar-pink.svg Lunar
Hubstar-green.svg Magical Starsign/Vacation
Hubstar-green.svg Mana
Hubstar-pink.svg Mario & Luigi
Hubstar-blue.svg Megami Tensei
Hubstar-silver.svg Monster Hunter
Hubstar-pink.svg NIER
Hubstar-orange.svg Ni no Kuni
Hubstar-pink.svg Odin Sphere

Hubstar-pink.svg Pandora's Tower
Hubstar-orange.svg Paper Mario
Hubstar-orange.svg Phantasy Star
Hubstar-pink.svg Phantasy Star Online (1 & 2)
Hubstar-black.svg Phantom Brave
Hubstar-silver.svg Pokémon
Hubstar-pink.svg Radiant Historia
Hubstar-green.svg Radiata Stories
Hubstar-green.svg Rogue Galaxy
Hubstar-green.svg SaGa
Hubstar-orange.svg Shadow Hearts
Hubstar-green.svg Skies of Arcadia
Hubstar-green.svg Spectrobes
Hubstar-orange.svg Star Ocean
Hubstar-blue.svg Suikoden
Hubstar-bronze.svg Tales series
Hubstar-green.svg Telefang
Hubstar-orange.svg Valkyria Chronicles
Hubstar-green.svg Valkyrie Profile
Hubstar-pink.svg Wild Arms
Hubstar-orange.svg The World Ends With You
Hubstar-bronze.svg Xenoblade
Hubstar-green.svg Xenosaga
Hubstar-orange.svg Yōkai Watch

Western RPGs
Black = <100 articles      Pink = 100 articles         Green = 500 articles          Orange = 1,000 articles       Blue = 2,500 articles
Bronze = 5,000 articles     Silver = 10,000 articles     Gold = 25,000 articles     Platinum = 50,000 articles     Rainbow = 100,000+ articles

Hubstar-bronze.svg AdventureQuest
Hubstar-black.svg Akiyo
Hubstar-blue.svg Amalur
Hubstar-pink.svg Arcanum
Hubstar-blue.svg Baldur's Gate
Hubstar-black.svg Biomutant
Hubstar-pink.svg Darkspore
Hubstar-blue.svg Destiny
Hubstar-orange.svg Deus Ex
Hubstar-bronze.svg Diablo
Hubstar-silver.svg Dragon Age
Hubstar-orange.svg DragonFable
Hubstar-blue.svg Dragon's Dogma
Hubstar-green.svg Dungeon Siege
Hubstar-black.svg D&D Gold Box
Hubstar-bronze.svg Dungeons and Dragons

Hubstar-gold.svg Elder Scrolls
Hubstar-green.svg Epic Battle Fantasy
Hubstar-green.svg Escape Velocity Nova
Hubstar-pink.svg Expeditions: Viking
Hubstar-blue.svg Fable
Hubstar-silver.svg Fallout
Hubstar-bronze.svg Fighting Fantasy
Hubstar-pink.svg FNaF World
Hubstar-pink.svg Icewind Dale
Hubstar-green.svg Infinite Undiscovery
Hubstar-blue.svg Mass Effect
Hubstar-green.svg MechQuest
Hubstar-green.svg Members
Hubstar-bronze.svg OtherVerse
Hubstar-blue.svg Pathfinder
Hubstar-pink.svg Path of Exile

Hubstar-green.svg Risen
Hubstar-pink.svg Sentinels
Hubstar-pink.svg Shadow of Mordor
Hubstar-pink.svg South Park: The Stick of Truth
Hubstar-blue.svg Sryth
Hubstar-green.svg Too Human
Hubstar-orange.svg Torchlight (I & II)
Hubstar-orange.svg Torment
Hubstar-green.svg Twilight 2000
Hubstar-orange.svg Two Worlds
Hubstar-blue.svg Ultima
Hubstar-pink.svg Venetica
Hubstar-green.svg WarpForce
Hubstar-green.svg Wasteland
Hubstar-bronze.svg The Witcher
Hubstar-pink.svg Zombie Jombie

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