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Black = <100 articles      Pink = 100 articles         Green = 500 articles          Orange = 1,000 articles       Blue = 2,500 articles
Bronze = 5,000 articles     Silver = 10,000 articles     Gold = 25,000 articles     Platinum = 50,000 articles     Rainbow = 100,000+ articles

Hubstar-pink.svg Army of Two
Hubstar-orange.svg Battlefield
Hubstar-orange.svg BioShock
Hubstar-orange.svg Blacklight
Hubstar-black.svg Blacksite
Hubstar-bronze.svg Borderlands
Hubstar-pink.svg Brink
Hubstar-pink.svg Brothers in Arms
Hubstar-silver.svg Call of Duty
Hubstar-pink.svg Carnivores
Hubstar-pink.svg Chex Quest
Hubstar-pink.svg Chicken Invaders
Hubstar-pink.svg The Conduit
Hubstar-orange.svg Cross Fire
Hubstar-pink.svg Contra
Hubstar-orange.svg Counter-Strike
Hubstar-orange.svg Counter-Strike Online
Hubstar-green.svg Crysis
Hubstar-black.svg Day of Defeat

Hubstar-orange.svg Dead Space
Hubstar-bronze.svg Destiny
Hubstar-blue.svg Doom
Hubstar-gold.svg Fallout
Hubstar-orange.svg Far Cry
Hubstar-green.svg F.E.A.R.
Hubstar-pink.svg Firefall
Hubstar-orange.svg Gears of War
Hubstar-green.svg Half-Life
Hubstar-silver.svg Halo
Hubstar-black.svg Heli Attack
Hubstar-pink.svg Heretic and Hexen
Hubstar-pink.svg Project IGI
Hubstar-green.svg Killzone
Hubstar-pink.svg Left 4 Dead
Hubstar-pink.svg Max Payne
Hubstar-orange.svg Medal of Honor
Hubstar-green.svg Mercenaries
Hubstar-green.svg Metro

Hubstar-black.svg Mission Against Terror
Hubstar-pink.svg Monday Night Combat
Hubstar-black.svg Nerf Arena Blast
Hubstar-orange.svg Quake
Hubstar-green.svg Rainbow Six
Hubstar-green.svg RAGE
Hubstar-orange.svg Resistance
Hubstar-black.svg Ricochet
Hubstar-orange.svg S.T.A.L.K.E.R.
Hubstar-green.svg Serious Sam
Hubstar-black.svg Splatter
Hubstar-orange.svg Team Fortress
Hubstar-bronze.svg Thief
Hubstar-green.svg TimeSplitters
Hubstar-black.svg Thing-Thing
Hubstar-orange.svg Titanfall
Hubstar-orange.svg Uncharted
Hubstar-orange.svg Unreal Tournament
Hubstar-orange.svg Wolfenstein

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  4. The second parameter, y, indicates the subdomain name of the Wiki ("finalfantasy" for example).
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