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Power Stone is a 3D fighting game released on the Sega Dreamcast by Capcom during the system's launch. The game enjoyed enough success to warrant a sequel, Power Stone 2.


Gameplay in Power Stone works, at its most basic level, much like other fighting games (i.e. pick two characters and those characters beat the crap out of each other). However, it differs from other fighters in that the battles play out in a three-dimensional environment. Instead of being locked in each other's general direction, characters are free to run and jump around the multiple arenas as they please, picking up items and weapons to attack their opponent with. The major twist in the gameplay comes from the game's namesake: Power Stones. When a character gains all three of these, they become a more powerful (and arguably cooler looking) version of themselves, complete with powerful supers. If your opponent attains this goal faster than you do, you are what some may call, "boned".

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