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Power Stone 2 is a 3D item-based fighting game and the sequel to Power Stone. Produced by Capcom and released on the Sega Dreamcast. It touts four-player matches, as well as more options and more characters than the original Power Stone. A PlayStation & PlayStation 2 Versions Were Planned But it Was Cancelled

Game Story[]

This is the crappy North American Box art

It is the 19th century... A romantic era... Superstitions and legends are alive and powerful. With dreams of vast fortunes, adventurers seek the legendary Power Stones, magical stones that make any wish come true...

A mysterious floating castle emerges in the darkly clouded sky. Its huge shadow covers the world with a ground-quaking roar. The Power Stone fighters are captured and held prisoner within its walls - by a mysterious force.

A new adventure is beginning!


Gameplay takes place in various interactive three-dimensional arenas, most with several areas within them. Players can move in all directions, climb poles, make use of items which appear, and make use of various kinds of terrain in order to perform various attacks. Each character also has several different attacks of their own. There are also several Power Stones which appear in arenas. There are a default of seven of them - unless changed to 3, each player starts with 1. Different attacks will knock power stones out of characters - a character's strength is boosted with each one they have, and if they have three, they "power change" in to a new, stronger form, and their basic attack is replaced with a power drive. They also have access to two new "power fusions". Unlike in the original Power Stone, a power changed character is not invulnerable, though by default they take less damage. In power change form, a character has a meter under their health bar which gauges how much power they have left (normally, which power stones you have are listed here instead). It slowly decreases. Using a power drive decreases it by a small amount as well, and using a power fusion decreases it by a great amount. When this gauge drops to 0, the character reverts to normal with no power stones, and two power stones fly out of them. Play proceeds until all but one character (or team) is knocked out.

Sudden Death[]

If the time runs out, a match goes to sudden death, where all characters who have not yet been knocked out have their power stones knocked out of them and are reduced to the point where a single hit will knock them out. If, after ten game seconds, a victor still has not been decided, the match is declared a draw.

Game Modes[]

There are five main modes of Power Stone 2.


Original mode is essentially the versus mode of the game. There can be up to four players in a match, as well as various different teams and characters.


Adventure mode has you play through the "story" of Power Stone 2 and has you fight in five areas, the first two being regular matches, the third having you fight the Pharaoh Walker, the fourth being another normal match, and the fifth having you go through a long passage filled with stone enemies, each with its own weapon, and then fighting Dr. Erode. Any items and money you pick up here will then be available in other modes.


The arcade version of the game. It has the same layout as Adventure mode, but in the boss fights against the Pharaoh Walker and Dr. Erode you have a teammate, and each battle is a four-player battle with the two people who remain at the end moving on.


Essentially the same as Arcade mode, but each normal battle has only you and one opponent.

Item Shop[]

An area where you can mix the various items you've collected to create new items, as well as buy and sell items. All items you have at least one of will periodically appear during other modes. If you fail to properly mix an item, you receive the scrap card and a coupon. You can exchange three coupons for a game of roulette, where, if you're lucky, you can get new items that can't be found anywhere else, as well as being able to get common items. You can also look through an book of what items you have as well as items featured in catalogs you can buy.


Power Stone 2 has twelve playable characters at the start, with two more unlockable.

Most info here is taken from Power Stone 2's instruction booklet.

Red Whirlwind - Falcon[]

While traveling across the Atlantic Ocean to his hometown, London, Falcon's airplane Hockenheim is caught in a mysterious dark cloudbank and loses control. Someone's shadow flickers between the clouds in the lightning for a moment. When the clouds part, a gigantic floating castle appears.

"This must be the mysterious castle my father told me he had seen once... Good. I was getting bored.!"


Falcon is a balanced fighter with neither outstanding strengths or weaknesses. Use double-jump to win control of the air.

Power Drive - Power Missile Falcon shoots a missile which homes in on the opponent.

Power Fusion - Power Rocket (Attack + Jump) Falcon launches himself like a rocket at the opponent five times in succession, damaging them if they're hit.

Power Fusion - Power Explosion (Action + Jump) Falcon launches many homing missiles in all directions.

Scorching Beauty - Rouge[]

"How ominous...!" Rouge opens here eyes wide and stares at the shadow that has just broken here crystal. More than anything, she can't stand having her occupational tools broken. She meditates and tries to send her force of will into the Power Stone.

"Take me there...!" When she opens her eyes, she is inside the floating castle that people have talked about. "I feel it... the origin of the ominous shadow is here!"


Though here normal attack and defense abilities are relatively low, Rouge's flame attacks have long range and inflict severe damage. She runs faster and jumps higher than many of the other fighters.

Power Drive - Sigh of Hellfire

Rouge breathes fire at the nearest enemy.

Power Fusion - Fiery Trap (Attack + Jump)

Rouge causes an explosion around her.

Power Fusion - Summon Giant (Action + Jump)

Rouge summons a demon of fire which sends flame at the nearest opponent.

Agile Dragon - WangTang[]

While training in the mountains in the town of Tong-Ang, WangTang is surprised by a huge shadow moving across the sky. It is a gigantic floating castle.

"Maybe this is the final trial that my teacher was talking about?" When WangTang enters the castle, he feels the sharp tension he expected.

"Ok! I'm gonna finish my training!"


WangTang's merit is outstanding agility. His successive moves don't allow opponents to catch their breath. He is excellent at special actions such as wall-climbing.

Power Drive - Dragon Fang Bomb

WangTang sends a beam of energy at the nearest opponent.

Power Fusion - Big Dragon Ball (Attack + Jump)

WangTang raises his hands above him and generates a massive ball of energy, which he throws at the nearest opponent.

Power Fusion - Dragon Dance (Action + Jump)

WangTang traps the opponent in place as he does several flying attacks at them, knocking them further in to the air with each one, until a dragon of energy rises from the ground and slams in to them.

Master Swordsman - Ryoma[]

Ryoma has finally obtained a legendary sword. He enjoys the moonlight reflecting on its edge, which cuts through iron like tofu. Suddenly, a light bouncess off the sword's edge and shines on the huge shadow of a floating castle between the clouds. Ryoma's body flies up in the air.

"Is this sword... guiding me to evil? Anyway, this is a good chance to give it a try." Ryoma goes up to the castle, guided by the light of the sword. "Whatever enemy is waiting, I'll slice it to pieces with this!"


Thanks to his katana, Ryoma has a long reach, but is open to attack if he misses his target. His attacks after Power Change are extremely powerful.

Power Drive - Raijinken

Ryoma quickly slashes at the nearest opponent as lightning comes down to strike whatever his sword hits. Can be used several times successively, with the final hit having several lightning bolts strike.

Power Fusion - Midare Zantou (Attack + Jump)

Ryoma repeatedly slashes extremely quickly, causing many slow-moving crescent-shaped projectiles to surround him and home in on nearby enemies.

Power Fusion - Tenchi Ryoudan (Action + Jump)

Ryoma ascends in to the air and repeatedly slashes at anyone caught by this attack before slamming to the ground in a massive wake of lightning.

Cherry Blossom Dancer - Ayame[]


While traveling with her troupe, Ayame receives a letter from her master telling her to come back.

"Did master discover the stone was fake?" To avoid being arrested, she decides to find a real Power Stone and turn it over to the master.

"Please wait until I find a stone. I know something." She takes off alone to find a rumored treasure in the flying castle.


Ayame's attack power is low and she is weakest when throwing heavy objects. To compensate, she runs more quickly than most other fighters.

Power Drive - Flower Shuriken

Ayame tosses several shuriken at the nearest opponent.

Power Fusion - 100 Flower Bloom (Attack + Jump)

Ayame tosses several shuriken which repeatedly slice through nearby opponents.

Power Fusion - 100 Flower Power (Action + Jump)

Ayame throws several damaging hairpins at the nearest opponent.

Heavy Tank - Gunrock[]

Gunrock is bored with his everyday life. One day, he hears about a floating castle. They say it guards an ultimate treasure that no one has ever seen.

"I must get the treasure!" A few days later, the floating castle emerges from the clouds as the rumors foretold. Gunrock gets into a huge cannon, points it towards the caste... and fires!

"Wait for me! All the treasures in the world will be mine!"


Gunrock is a power fighter with a huge body. Though slow, his power outweighs the weakness. Thanks to his magnificent strength, he is better at throwing objects than any other warrior.

Power Drive - Gun Gun Rock

Gunrock tosses a boulder at the nearest opponent.

Power Fusion - Rock 'N' Roll (Attack + Jump)

Gunrock transforms in to a boulder and rolls around, crashing in to enemies. This attack can be directed.

Power Fusion - Earthquake (Action + Jump)

Gunrock causes an earthquake, stunning nearby enemies and causing many rocks to rain on everything nearby.

Mad Clown - Jack[]

"I want more shiny blades! I want to slice... and dice!"

Jack's wish increases after obtaining the Power Stone. As if in response to his desire, he hears a strange voice one night. "A mysterious castle will emerge at the next full moon. It is filled with shiny treasures."

Jack is happily absorbed into the floating castle without knowing it's an invitation from the dark.


Unpredictable, mysterious, rapid moves are Jack's strength. However, his attack power is weak. Confuse opponents with tricky moves!

Power Drive - Round

Jack pauses, then does a quick slash at nearby enemies.

Power Fusion - Killer Dance (Attack + Jump)

Jack pauses, then spins around and ascends like a propeller, juggling and slashing nearby enemies.

Power Fusion - Misery Rain (Action + Jump)

Jack launches many spectral swords in to the air, which rain down on enemies.

Proud Eagle - Galuda[]

Galuda was just happily married to the chief's daughter in their village, and they are on their honeymoon. On their comfortable trip in the airship Royal Heaven, Galuda's wife looks out the window.

"What is that castle?" At that moment, the airship is shaken hard and they are thrown out through a window. Galuda loses consciousness.

"Where is this?" When Galuda wakes up, he finds himself in the castle. He must find and save his wife!


Galuda's offensive and defensive abilities are high. Though a bit slow, he doesn't have any other notable weaknesses. Get close to an opponent and aim for powerful throw moves!

Power Drive - Heaven's Cry

Galuda launches himself at the nearest opponent.

Power Fusion - Light of Vengeance (Attack + Jump)

Galuda fires an arrow of energy in to the air, which comes down on a nearby enemy.

Power Fusion - Heaven's Victory (Action + Jump) (Note - an error in the instruction booklet causes this attack to be listed as Power Explosion, Falcon's second Power Fusion)

Galuda grabs a nearby enemy and ascends in to the air, then crashes them in to the ground.

Invention Boy - Pete[]

A toy box lays in a corner of a room in the country. Suddenly a doll with flashing lights pop out. "Finally! I can move!" The doll's name is Pete. He has a shiny Power Stone on his chest.

The owner's wish has come true iwth its power. "My dream is... to surprise everybody with my great inventions!" Pete jomps out the window and flies in to the air.


Pete's reach is short, but he can attack very rapidly once he gets within attack range. Use his small body and quickness to dodge opponent's attacks. He becomes extremely powerful after Power Change.

Power Drive - Energy Shot

Pete fires energy at a nearby opponent.

Power Fusion - Toy Parade (Attack + Jump on ground)

Pete summons several toy soldiers which repeatedly fire several bullets. This attack can be aimed.

Power Fusion - Propeller Dream (Attack + Jump in air)

Pete sends several small airplanes at nearby opponents.

Power Fusion - Electric Sphere (Action + Jump on ground)

Pete runs around with a damaging electric sphere around him.

Power Fusion - Electric Pillar (Action + Jump in air)

Pete hovers around, sending out a pillar of electricity above and below him.

Secret Grace - Julia[]

Julia is the only daughter of the historic Whitepearl family. Behind her tender, elegant face lies a wild personality.

Her parents thought the Power Stone would calm her down, but one day her wild impoulses drive Julia into running away with the Power stone. When she comes to her senses, she is somewhere completely strange.

"I don't know what happened, but I must get out of here and go home!"


Julia flies gracefully with her umbrella and attacks from the air. Though she is usually gentle, she becomes extremely aggressive after Power Change. Nobody can stop her attacks!

Power Drive - Slave of Love

Julia sends out a candle which, upon connecting with an opponent, freezes them in place.

Power Fusion - Queen's Mischief (Attack + Jump)

Julia sends out several beams of energy at the nearest opponent.

Power Fusion - Merry-Go-Round (Action + Jump)

Julia creates a damaging merry-go-round around her.

Evil Chef - Gourmand[]

Gourmand is head chef on the luxurious airship Royal Heaven which cruises around the world. Secretly, he is a revenous chef who will do anything for rare delicacies. One day, he learns about the mysterious existence of a flying castle.

"Does it have totally new food dishes?" Conveniently, a huge shadow falls across his airship and shakes it hard. Gourmand jumps ship with his kitchen knife and frying pan.

"This is my lucky chance!"


Gourmand has decent power despite his paunchy look. He has the longest reach of all fighters, thanks to his kitchen knife and frying pan. His attacks after Power Change are very powerful and have long range.

Power Drive - Fall Etansel

Gourmand tosses something, which explodes in mid-air.

Power Fusion - Chef Du Franmu (Attack + Jump)

Gourmand begins spinning around, emitting flame. This move can be directed.

Power Fusion - Plat Du Resistance (Action + Jump)

Gourmand summons up a giant cooking pot and tosses food at the opponent.

Vagabond Gunman - Accel[]

When I regained conscious, I was here. My name is Accel. I am a skilled gunman. I was ambushed by rough gangs in my town. They roped my body to a balloon and flew it like a kite. I lost consciousness.

Now there is a mysterious shiny stone in my hand. What is it? It sets my blood racing and boosts my sense of justice. I must get out of here, to let them have my bullets of justice.


High basic abilities and dual guns are Accel's strength. He can shoot opponents at a distance using a wall or pole. After Power Change, Accel's speed is the fastest of all warriors. No one can keep up with him!

Power Drive - Beat Assault

Accel fires several bullets at where he's facing.

Power Fusion - Crazy Revolver (Attack + Jump)

Accel fires a barrage of homing bullets which juggle opponents.

Power Fusion - Wild Buzzsaw (Action + Jump)

Accel transforms in to a giant buzzsaw and moves extremely quickly, crashing in to opponents. This move can be directed.


Mel owns the item shop. She fights with her umbrella. She can use the most power fusions per power change of any character.

Power Drive

Mel surrounds herself with giant spinning essence cards, damaging nearby opponents.

Power Fusion 1 (Attack + Jump)

Mel tosses coins at enemies.

Power Fusion 2 (Action + Jump)

Mel throws bags of money in to the air which crash down on the nearest opponent.


Pride is the father of falcon. He's a lot like Falcon, but stronger and slower.

Power Drive

Pride fires a small whirlwind at the nearest enemy.

Power Fusion 1 (Attack + Jump)

Pride does a spiralling uppercut, damaging nearby opponents.

Power Fusion 2 (Action + Jump)

Pride fires two waves of extremely damaging missiles in all directions.