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Predator: Concrete Jungle
Predator concrete jungle PS2.jpg
Developer(s) Eurocom
Publisher(s) Vivendi Universal Games, Sierra Entertainment, Fox Interactive
status Status Missing
Release date April 15, 2005 (Europe)
April 26, 2005 (US)
Genre Action-adventure
Mode(s) Single-player
Age rating(s) ESRB: M (Mature)
PEGI: 18+
Platform(s) PlayStation 2, Xbox
Arcade system Arcade System Missing
Media 1 DVD
Input Gamepad
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Predator: Concrete Jungle is an action-adventure video game released in 2005 for the PlayStation 2 and Xbox consoles. In the game the player controls a disgraced Predator who must regain his honor by killing the humans who have stolen his technology. The game is named after a Dark Horse Comics series of the same title.


The game opens in 1930 in New Way City. The player controls a Predator who stalks and kills mob boss Bruno Borgia. Bruno's wife Isabella shoots the Predator in the eye, causing his blood to splatter on her and her baby son Hunter. The Predator makes a hasty escape, leaving behind some of his equipment. As he attempts to reach his ship he is incapacitated by an explosion, and sets off the ship's self-destruct sequence but fails to kill himself. Shamed by defeat and having exposed his race to the humans, the Predator is exiled by his clan to a planet inhabited by deadly alien creatures.

One hundred years later, the Predator, now called "Scarface", is offered a chance for redemption: Bruno's descendants have been using Predator technology, derived from Scarface's abandoned equipment, against other Predators and to wage mob warfare. The warring mob factions all pay tribute to Lucretia Borgia, daughter of Hunter and granddaughter of Bruno. Scarface must battle the mob in order to recover the Predator technology. As the player progresses through the game the story and setting occasionally switch between the years 2030 and 1930, revisiting Scarface's hunting of Bruno.

Eventually it is revealed that MOTHER, the computer controlling New Way City in 2030, is actually Isabella, who has been kept alive since 1930 by Scarface's blood. Her son Hunter has gone through genetic manipulation and has become a hybrid of human and Predator traits. Scarface kills Isabella while Hunter kills Lucretia. A final battle takes place between Scarface and Hunter, with Scarface taking Hunter's head as a trophy. Scarface is then recovered by his clan.

In a post-credits scene, Lucretia is turned into a cyborg by the recently-merged Weyland and Yutani Corporations, and becomes the new MOTHER computer controlling New Way City.

The game also has a number of bonus missions in which the player can earn rewards including costumes, weapons, and increased health and energy.

Predator: Concrete Jungle makes several links between the films of the Alien, Predator, and Alien vs. Predator franchises. Hunter mentions to Lucretia that he knew Charles Bishop Weyland "before he disappeared"; Weyland appeared in the film Alien vs. Predator (2004) leading an expedition to the Antarctic, where he was killed by a Predator. The Yutani Corporation is also mentioned, referencing the Weyland-Yutani Corporation of the Alien films. MOTHER, the name of the computer controlling New Way City in 2030, is also the name of the Nostromo's computer intelligence in Alien (1979). Several other references to the film franchises are made throughout the game, including the appearance of Aliens.


A variety of weapons are used in the game, falling into the categories of melee and ranged weapons. A number of the weapons reflect those used in the Predator and Alien vs. Predator films, though others are new. The player can also use mines and bombs. Weapon upgrades are found in some of the stages. The player can also use items, such as medical kits which restore health. In first-person mode the player can use vocal mimicry to distract or lure an enemy, while in third-person mode the player can emit a loud roar.


Predator: Concrete Jungle was poorly received by critics, with IGN calling it "a good idea gone bad", citing the game's poor controls and awkward gameplay as factors.[1] Similarly, Gamespot criticized the game's storyline and graphics.[2] Not all reviews were negative, however; MS Xbox praised the gameplay and sound elements in particular and referred to the game as "a neat addition to the family of Predator-inspired games to appear" while acknowledging that it would ultimately only really appeal to fans of the films.[3]

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