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Princess Holiday (Princess Holiday ~転がるりんご亭千夜一夜~) is a Japanese eroge by August released in 2002 for Windows. The Dreamcast and PlayStation 2 versions were released by Alchemist. The game itself is a standard Japanese adventure game, with multiple paths, a multi-choice navigation and conversation system, and anime-style presentation. There are two hentai OVA's for Princess Holiday, which were released on March 25, 2004 and May 25, 2004. A novel based on the game has been published by Harvest and written by Rei Arisawa.

Release Information[]

  • The original 2002 version was released for the PC was done using the NScripter visual novel engine.
  • This game was released on 05/29/03 for the Dreamcast and stands as one of the last known professionally produced games for the Dreamcast platform.
  • The PlayStation 2 version was later released on 05/27/04 and is a "sanitized" version of the adult video game previously available on PC and Dreamcast.


Six young girls who live in a castle town want to explore life outside their sheltered world. Your job is to protect the girls as they head outside the safety of the castle walls to learn about the real world.


  • Cliff Cloud - Protagonist of this title
  • Leticia la mew Symphonia
  • Shilphy Cloud
  • Eleanor Fortworth
  • Rachel Harvest
  • Lapis Mercurius Freya
  • Diana Peschka holly Eryngii - Additional character of consumer version.


  • Character design: Bekkanko
  • Scenario: Taku Sakakibara
  • Music: KeNji
    • Opening: Niji no Kanata he (Over the rainbow)
      Lyrics: Uota to Mipo
      Music: Uota to Mipo
      Vocal: Kanon Torii
    • Consumer version Ending 1: Kokoro Kara Tuduku Mirai -My fate-
      Lyrics: Hiroki
      Music: Kenji
      Vocal: Kanon Torii
    • Consumer version Ending 2: What the...(radio edit)
      Music: LOOPCUBE

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