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Puzzle video games
Basic Information

Puzzle video games mainly focus on thinking skills instead of quick reflexes. Puzzle video games often solving a logical puzzle (e.g. a jigsaw), however, action puzzle games are also included in this genre, such as falling blocks that must be arranged into either lines or patterns, as is the case with the popular game Tetris.

Most puzzle games don't follow a story. They are often just graphics of blocks or icons or whatever the game uses. There are rarely any characters or bosses that you'd find in other games. A high score is often a goal.

It should be noted that most games include elements of puzzle games. Action video games include puzzles every once in a while to break up the fighting, like God of War. Platform video games like Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time make puzzles out of figuring out how to get from one part of the room to another. Adventure video games or role-playing video games like The Legend of Zelda incorporate what could just be a piece of a bigger puzzle game as an obstacle in a dungeon. Sometimes, if a player gets a puzzle wrong, it may activate a trap.